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Meaning behind your Username and/or Usertitle

I see the title adendum was added...

Uhh,,, this one i did because my avatar was a character known by the same title (fail druid for future reference), but I think I might change it soon. I'll come back and explain it then.
Well, it's quite simple. I like Oshawott xP, and as for usertitle, I don't have one. YET. As for why it's Mijumaru instead of Oshawott, it's because I prefer the Japanese name to the English one.
Once upon a time, there was a strange and wonderful year known as 2005. During this time, little me didn't know of any such things as "Mary Sues" or "Originality", and so I took the names of the golden goddesses of Zelda and put them in a blender. What came out has been my pseudonym ever since.
Uh, when I first joined up to the forums, I had an avatar of a purple Snorlax with a Scizor claw that looked like it was plotting the downfall of mankind and I was just discovering Internet lingo, so I thought it would be ~radical~ if I used some in my username. I've contemplated changing it a few times but why bother.

My usertitle is just some silly thing I came up with one day.
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