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Meaning behind your Username and/or Usertitle

Username is based off some characters I used for some old comedy scripts I wrote before I discovered forums called Bob and Bill, so I suppose it's a penname of sorts.

The usertitle is just in reference to my avatar atm. For he is awesome. =p
New usertitle is the chorus from the old (1700's) English folksong "A Maid in Bedlam", the tune of which is the basis of the second movement for Holst's Second Suite in F, Song Without Words, which is in my opinion one of the most beautiful pieces of classical music ever constructed.
Outside the internet, people tend to randomly ditch me whenever I try to make friends with them. It's like I have some sort of weird negative radar that repels other people away from me.

Or maybe I just emit some sort of foul stench. :P

Additionally, I'm pretty good at pretending like I'm super happy all the time, like nothing ever bothers me. But on the inside I get affected by things a lot and I think my unhappiness tends to show in a more subtle way.

...Yeah, I'm terrible at coming up with usernames. xD

As for my user title - being mentally ill sucks.
Byrus is an alien virus, basically. It's from one of my favourite horror stories.

"Monstrous virus" fits my username. I've always particularly liked monsters and aliens that spread through disease, parasites and viruses, as they're always the most terrifying. Some of my favourite examples are Giger's aliens, the Skaven and Tyranids from Warhammer, and The Thing.
My name was originally just Zackrinian, which has its own story, but when I got 1000 posts, I thought it deserved an upgrade. As for the chief part, Zackrai was a fictional psuedo-Native American tribe I created, so Ithought Chief would be appropriate.
Frostagin is my character for inserting into stuff. She's a frost dragon that used a spell to be human. Her magic is usually the magic from the Inheritance Cycle. Also, she acts nothing like me despite looking like me when in her human form.

My ever-changing usertitle is usually a song lyric or reference, right now it's the main line from 'Give Peace a Chance' by John Lennon.
invader zim is a fucking shitty show and it's the epitome of all the "LOL SO RANDOM" shit that twelve-year-olds find hilarious. so naturally i loved it when i was twelve. and i needed a new username for some website and i thought it'd be SO COOL if i took the name of my favorite show and used babelfish to translate it into spanish, so i got this. and now i think that show is annoying as shit and haven't watched it in years, but i still use the username everywhere just because.

i change my usertitle often but it's currently a reference to a hilarious guy from the eighteenth season of survivor.
My first ever internet community was the Kingdom Hearts wiki. I loved those guys. And In KH, the main villains take their names, switch the letters around and toss in an X. But I was not the most productive member of the community, and couldn't really improve much, and for whatever reason I left that years ago. I still keep the name because I think it's cool, and because it fills me with nostalgia. I should check back into that site some time, see the old gang, not that I can remember much of them.
My username... it's an adaptation of my common online Username for most sites... it's usually DarkFenrir<something numbers/letters> and I might change it to that, but this one, or that one, well, I'm kind of a dark person inside, even if I'm friendly and outgoing on the outside, sure I'm a nice person, but I hide things. Fire's my favorite elements, and Fenrir(if my username's that) symbolizes my interest in mythology and wolves. The last part is usually a random number or a smiley face (DX, XD, X3, etc. something with X).
My username is obviously the romanized translation of braviary's Japanese name which is Wargurru, Translated to Warrgle/Wargle depending on the translator
Well, Wobbuffet is one of my favorite pokemon, and I was looking around for avatars.
Then I saw the one that I have, and thought:
"Yes. Wobbles III, since he must have a distinguished family."
Then, when I EV trained a Wobbuffet, I named it "Wobbles II", because the Character limit, and realized that I probably shouldn't be the son of a Wobbuffet, so plain Wobbles it was.
(Only now do I realize the implications that I fucked a Wobbuffet, and gave it a baby, which I stole and trained to be the best it can.)

Usertitle is a simple fact.
Everglider is basically just some words I threw together. I didn't know until afterwards that it was actually very similar to the name of a computer-mouse company =P

My current usertitle, "My shadow days are over..." is a line from Shadow Days by John Mayer. I chose it because I feel like it fits me at the moment and because I love the song.
I posted here forever ago, but my username and title are different so whatever.
Raichie Belle is an MLP reference. In that, it's what a Raichu Pony would be named, in my opinon.
Toaster of Silence, mah user title, is an extension of my new favorite line from Dragonball Z.
At one point, Cell yelled to Android 16, "Silence, toaster!!"
Made me laugh until I almost peed myself.
...I don't actually remember. I mean, Linoone wasn't even my favorite pokemon when I decided that my username is going to be this.

All I know is that the movie Lucario and the Mystery of Mew had already came out when I decided that my username is going to be Crazy Linoone. I also drew a comic thing that was sort of inspired by some really old pokemon fanfiction written by Dannichu, and one of the main characters in the comic is a linoone.

This is not relevant to anything at all.
My name is Katy and I like cats! Pretty simple. I've also been told on multiple occasions that I look like a cat...
My user title says "happiness" in Japanese, followed by a star.
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