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Meaning behind your Username and/or Usertitle

Pathos was originally the name of my duskull on an RP forum. Then I dreamt the mods/admins here changed my username to Pathos because I'm so whiny, and I decided to go through with it.

My usertitle is a reference to the song, and Moriarty's ringtone.
Mashed two words I liked together sometimes years back, before I was on tCoD. I think I used it first on a wolf RP site in Grade 6? Stuck with it ever since, especially since I do like the "echo" - meaning the time directly before and after - of summer storms. Those moments are just pretty damn awesome.

Title is an amalgamation of a hero title from a Homestuck generator. I might change it though, since I later took a much less random personality test which I liked a bit more. Before, it was the Almighty Question mark, which was a tired joke from the Rack Shackle Pack Lounge due to my not having an avatar for a really long time. And then once I did get one, it was a winged question mark because of that joke and... yeah.
Username's been my standard username for some time now. If any of you remember Ricky from the older forums, he was the one who originally started calling me H-land (as an abbreviated form of a 12-character username I'd been using since I began The Internet), and the name's stuck.
Usertitle is just a line from a song from Friendship is Witchcraft that I particularly like, because half the time usertitles don't mean anything anyway, and when I changed my avatar away from Zecora, the Zecora quote kind of had to go, too. (I had been meaning to change my avatar once I stopped using Zecora as my username for a gimmick anyway.)
Lirris is the name of my Scrafty, and as of recently one of my more favored Pokemon.

The usertitle is a reference to an expression that Scrafty's often share, but with glasses, something that Lirris wears.
Greaser Lala is my newest Pokemon OC and I wanted to use her as my username because of her head strong and fight over flight attitude. She doesn't care about losing or snots that make her life difficult, she just does what she feels is best and enjoys getting into a brawl every now and then to exercise her raging spirit.

"Bite me!" is my usertitle because it is a taunting phrase, essentially meaning "I don't care," used to defend oneself's actions, characteristics, or values following an accusation. :D
Adrian Malacoda is my pen name. Adrian is just a name that I like and Malacoda is also a name that I like, which in this case refers to the head demon of the Malebolge, the eighth circle of Hell in Dante's Divine Comedy.

As for the user title - "Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger" is a character from Magic: The Gathering (specifically the "New Phyrexia" expansion) who is also featured on my avatar. He is one of five "Praetors" of New Phyrexia, each representing one of the five colors of Magic (red, green, blue, white, black) - green, in this guy's case.
Let's see I've used a couple usernames.

Charizard2K: One I first used on IF, doesn't really mean anything. I was young and couldn't think of a name. Was always shortened to C2K

Phantom (With variants PhantomX, Phantom0990, and PhantomX0990): Phantom started because I was a huge Phantom of the Opera fan. But later it became my callsign in police explorers and online for gaming. The 'X' is because I am straight edge, look it up, and the 0990, I graduated in 09, and was born in 1990.

Argetlam21: Was a huge Inheritance Cycle fan.

Strider: As in Aragorn. Not Dave.
RespectTheBlade- Interpet: "Respect those who have sharper objects than you."

Has to do with Gallade, my Favorite Pokemon. And my love of swords. Has NOTHING to do wtih the rap song of the same name that I do not like nor did I know even existed prior to me searching my username on google.

Usertitle is from Zelda. The Master Sword is known as "The Blade of Evil's Bane"
I was typing the word "sparkle" one day, typoed, and thought the result would make a cool username.

The usertitle is a line from Electric Barbarella by Duran Duran. It's left over from when my screenname was Eelektrik Barbarella, as is my location, but I thought both still applied.
Automata heart means my heart acts of its own free will.
Too lovely to function kinda refers to my latest cosplay and my love of cute things.
Viki's a character in the Suikoden series who is ALWAYS LOST in the sense of not knowing why she's there, rather than not knowing where she is. She's perfectly fine with where she is! ... Probably! ... But absolutely no clue as far as anything else goes.

daikonpan's my other usual handle these days: it's either radish bread or a large venonat. OuO Is that face creepy? ... it should be :)

At the moment my usertitle is Viki being confused; it was previously NOT IF IT'S BITTER. Remembering what I had before's always a little difficult .... I know it was 'DANCE, YOU FOOLS, IN THIS BANQUET OF MASSACRES' at some point.
Braeburn is from MLP. He is the cousin to Applejack. Being he is the best boy pony, I chose him to be my username. I was previously Ultra-Saiyan Jace. I am a DBZ fan and came up with Ultra-saiyans, which are the highest form of Super-Saiyan. Jace is my nickname.

My user name is just that. I am an Ultra-Saiyan Brony. A DBZ fan and an MLP fan at once.


I just changed my username. Jace Ace. Reason: my nickname is Jace and Ace rhymes with Jace and sounds nice together.
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Mine is from years ago when I was younger and first started using the internet regularly. At the time my favorite series was Animorphs. And my favorite character's name was Jake, and he liked to turn into a Tiger the most. Jaketiger. Then I was like "Well everyone has numbers, so I must too!" My lucky number was 11, was also my number on my baseball team for 8 year olds, and my favorite number was 16. Jaketiger1116. Boom-bam. Congrats. And if you're curious about Ike, well he's my favorite Super Smash Bros. Brawl character and my nick on IRC for the past 2 1/2 years.
Have you ever wanted to make an account for a website, but can't think of a username, so you just sit there looking at the bar for the username, then eventually you type in the first thing you think of. That's what happens to me on like every website ever. But his one turned out good, I think.

My User Title is Pirate for Creeper, corresponding with my avatar.

EDIT: Well, now I've changed my avatar and my usertitle. Now it's a quote from TotalBiscuit's/Halibut's review of Gotham City Imposters
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My username is Evanlyn because... I'm a huge Ranger's Apprentice fan (she's one of the characters)
And my usertitle is 'banana' cause I reeally like bananas, and I was feeling random.
Spoon was just a spur of the moment username that I liked because it involves food utensils and doesn't take itself seriously.

"has ten toes" is just stating the obvious, I guess, because I can't think of anything better.
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