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Meaning behind your Username and/or Usertitle

My username spawned from the fact that I like birds a lot. I can't really remember the other reasons behind it, though.

And my usertitle relates to that, because I am totally a bird, and am flying above your head right now.
The username is an old reference to old characters and my usertitle comes from my song of the now. (Check it out! Jin's an awesome producer!)
Dani(elle) + (Pika)chu. My name and fave Pokeyman. I've been using it since I was about 11 and, dammit, it's still cool :D

And the usertitle's from this utterly fabulous song from Horrible Histories (no, really, you're missing out if you don't love HH with all your soul) and goes with my current icon.

And nobody asked, but the signature's from this video, which is (even more than HH!) the most happy-making vid in the world :D
Mostly all 2011 I was obsessed with Bleach, in particular, Ulquiorra Cifer, the Fourth Espada. I was writing a fan-fic about him being female instead and going on an adventure with Grimmjow (the fan-fic itself was inspired by a roleplay I was in as female Ulquiorra :D). And Ichimaru called Ulquiorra "Ulqi-chan" in one part, and, well...

Most people say it like "Ulqui-chan," but I didn't, so I started going by Ulqi-chan.

My usertitle are some of the lyrics from a very awesome band, Seether. (Many of the lyrics in my siggie are from Seether as well, particularly the album Karma and Effect, where my usertitle also comes from.)
EDIT: And now my user title is some lyrics from the Hetalia theme! :3
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As I am horrible with coming up with names, and was 100% obsessed with Pokemon at the time, this was the username I came up with. That was 2 years ago, and for a channel on YouTube, but it has stuck. I go by Seeker on non-Pokemon forums, and I would really rather be called that when someone shortens it instead of the full username or Seeker99 or something.

My usertitle is usually a meme that I find to be particularly silly at the time, albet personalized a bit.
Also DarkAura totes stole her usertitle from me.
It's a Gaulish god, referenced by the Swiss folk metal band Eluveitie (who use the ancient Gauls and Helvetians as an inspiration for their lyrics - to the point where some songs are partly or entirely in the dead Gaulish language). It is a bull-god (note the similarity to Latin Taurus). It therefore sounds massively cool to use it. I am a nerd.

I like song titles.

Bla bla bla.
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I like Bleach, so... Yeah, Kuchikis are my favorites in Bleach, but I didn't want to go by the name of a character in the show, so I just said "Lil Kuchiki" because... I don't even know, actually.

AS FOR MY USERTITLE, it's a reference to a hollow that Shuhei Hisagi fights in the Fake Karakura Town arc, right before the latest dubbed filler takes over. He keeps adjusting his power, and every time Shuhei says something correct, he goes, "EXACTA!" And then right when he's feeling cocky he goes, "No es exacta, Lieutenant!" So Shuhei totally slices him apart and is all like, "Yeah, not even close."
"Cerberus" because it inspired Houndoom.

"Pungent-smelling flames" because, according to Crystal's Pokédex, Houndoom shoots pungent-smelling flames from its mouth (and not because I like flaming people in forums!).
My username is from Rainbow Veins by Owl City, and shortened in a...sort of roundabout way, I guess. More specifically, I used a lyric from it for my Tumblr name, and took a liking too it. The full lyric was too long for most places, so I shortened it. This is the lyric:

"Make haste, I feel your heartbeat
With new taste for speed, out on the street
Find a road to a humble abode where both of our routes meet
The silver sound is all around and the colours fall like snow"

As for my usertitle (and sig), they're currently from Strawberry Avalanche also by Owl City, the cutest song ever.

so much Owl City...
Eons ago when I played Runescape, I called myself vector428 after a Sonic character and 4 x 2 = 8.

Blastoise used to be my absolute favorite pokémon (it's still up there, but I don't tend to go for absolute favorites anymore, so) so when I signed up for TCoD I combined Blastoise and 428 into blastoise428. I later changed it to Blastoise428 (and made a stupid spam thread about it) and eventually removed the numbers.

When the new renaming system came along, I added Fortooate, which I had made up months before when I realized that four, two, and eight all had homophones goin' on.

Threitoowon = 321
Flareth- A fake "Pokegod" (which evolved from Flareon) from when Pokemon was still in its first generation. It was when i was looking for a Pokemon-related username to rejoin a forum that had moved.

The fun has been doubled- My Little Pony quote, said by Luna in "Luna Eclipsed". My usertitle is often a quote from something I like.
This might be the stupidest post ever so please bear with me.

One day, I decided to sign up for Pokémon.com. It asked me for my favourite Pokémon, so I pulled out my Pokédex and my calculator, and proceed to generate a random number. In fact, I think I gave the calculator the wrong parameters and it would only give 1's and 0's with the random function I selected. As it turned out, it spat out a 1, so I flipped through my Pokédex and determined that my favourite Pokémon would be Bulbasaur. I was a grammar Nazi when I joined these forums though, so I don't know why my name isn't capitalized. Even now, I have the urge to capitalize the "b".

My former user title was "Almost (1/(σ√2π))e^(-(x-μ)²/(2σ²))". This refers to the normal curve. My current user title is "United, we stand. Divided, we fall." This refers to the Battle for Asber and emphasizes how our team's strength lies in numbers, and how important it is for all of us to work together so that we can bring victory. We can do it, Asber!
Blazheirio is the name of a legendary fakemon I created when I was in grade 4. It looks like this. No real entomology; I just asked my brother for a name and that's the first thing that flew out of his mouth. But it sounds cool. So it stuck.

The 889 comes from my email. I had my brother help me create my email, and for some reason he believed one needed three numbers at the end, so off the top of my head I chose 889. It stuck.

My username's not capitalized because back when I first registered the username, I was too lazy to capitalize things. I'm a bit of a grammar Nazi but... it's just /odd/ seeing my username capitalized, somehow.

Edit: Oh right usertitle. In reference to that Swellow avatar I drew. She looks angry. I also like Angry Birds. Did I mention that I often lack creativity?
Um! I don't know. I think I decided to use it for a character then decided I wanted it for myself, or something?? And then I liked it and it stuck! Soon it shall be my legal name, yay. :D

My usertitle is the song of a Litwick!!
i was trying to come up with a name for a jolteon character and thought of jolty because why the hell not also now i have a name for my pokemon fansite HUZZAH joey and jolty

user title:
the (japanese) catchphrase of some douche who owns a giant flying pyramid
Changed to my current name while I was on a L'Etranger kick. Walker is my first name, Walkerloop is something I just came up with when making my gmail address. Usertitle is from this song which is practically my national anthem.
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