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NaNoWriMo 2009

Ah, yes, I'll go to update my word count right now.

Almost 6000 words. This weekend is going to be mad writing so that I can catch up, and thankfully I'm getting to a point where one of my favorite characters is going to be introduced, so I'm happy. What I've written so far is incredibly bad, but hey, that's what December is for.

EDIT: Went back and did a quick pro-prologue for the story. This is my favorite paragraph from it, though it is terrible.
[FONT=&quot]The story you are about to read follows the lives of nine people who never thought that they would get caught up in such tragic circumstances. It follows life, death, destiny, betrayal, questions and answers, revelations, and many more things. It is a story of how a soldier, a sorcerer, a young thief, a pirate, a shop clerk, a prince, a bandit, and a person created for one purpose only; deal with an enormous burden placed upon their shoulders. It is a story of how these people, most of which were average and lead normal lives, were, in a sense, thrust into a fate not of their own choosing.[/FONT]
I'm about 7000 words behind, so... GAMEPLAN for this weekend.

step a: watch the most recent episode of Parks and Recreation on Hulu, just because I need to see it
step b: spend exactly one hour doing various things to inspire me (look at art, listen to music, read the forums, read other NaNoer's stories)

step c lasts the entire weekend. sleep is pretty much irrelevant. whether I go to bed at 9 tonight and wake up early to start writing, or I go to bed at 4 AM tonight and sleep way in, either way I just know I need to write 10,000 words this weekend, at the very least.

I managed to do it last weekend, so... wish me luck?
I managed to do it last weekend, so... wish me luck?


(what I do when I'm behind is write one day's worth of words early in the day and then sleep at some point and when I wake up I feel obligated to write so I do so)

Anyway yeah my novel's going pretty well. 8D
I am now officially going NaNo crazy.

And for this reason, I probably won't be on this weekend. Why? Because I can probably get to 50,000 words by Monday if I spend almost all of my time writing.

Thus, in case I don't come on over the weekend, I want to leave on a positive note.

Day 13: Over 38,723 words. Wish me luck to the finish line!

Excerpt said:
But as he reached his destination over the cloud, he paid attention to the feeling in his paws. And as he neared the cloud, the wisps of fluff just brushing his pads, he could feel some sort of floating feeling on his paws, as if there were a cushion of air. But then, the cushion broke, and he was on the cloud near Tomaru. With a rush of excitement, he breathed out in the beginning of a chuckle, then began laughing hysterically. Tomaru smiled, joining in the random humor for a moment. As it finally died down, Tomaru gazed towards the source of light. Uzura followed her stare, then noticed something odd. The sky was the same color as it was in the daytime, but…

The moon was setting in the sky, not the sun.

“It should be time to leave soon,” Tomaru announced, her ears flicking to indicate the fact that the night was ending. Uzura was amazed that she could even know this stuff in her dreams, and his head cocked to the side as he thought.

Eventually, he remembered that they had been sleeping in the alleyway. “How do we get out?” he asked, shifting his paws in slight worry that they wouldn’t be able to return on their own.

Tomaru suddenly flinched, as if it were question that she didn’t want to answer. “Uh…” she stuttered, gazing down at her paws. But Uzura’s ears pricked as he contemplated this; she wasn’t staring at her paws, but… into the expanse of turquoise, sky blue below them. “That way…” she said hesitantly, remembering that falling from heights didn’t make Uzura feel good. Her ears twitched apologetically, and she looked back up at him with a worried expression . But Uzura was just smiling optimistically.

“It won’t feel so bad once I wake up, will it?” he asked, somehow sure of it.

Tomaru hesitated, then shook her head, the smile returning to her face. “No. It will be fine.” Contentment rose in Uzura’s belly as he saw the usual confident light return to Tomaru’s eyes. He noticed that the moon was even lower in the sky than just a few minutes ago; time passed more quickly in the dream than it did in the real world.

Uzura nodded, telling Tomaru that he was ready. She padded over to him and gently grabbed his scruff in her teeth, making sure her fangs were fastened softly in the lose skin. Her wings spread as she leaped down off of the cloud to slow their flight. Uzura watched the surroundings rise above him as they fell slowly, definitely more gently than last time. It was more like… being carried down a smooth, slow river. He contemplated nothing in his mind; just felt Tomaru’s cream fur, and noticed the moon was setting so fast he could actually watch it. It seemed to try to keep pace with them as Uzura’s consciousness of the dream slipped away, and as Tomaru’s wings folded, he could tell that she was waking up as well.
This weekend is the halfway point of NaNoWriMo.

If you manage finish one 50K novel, I would go for another one, for two novels in one month, 100K words total. Seriously.

(well, actually if I had that speed/motivation then I would just write one 100K novel, which is actually a decent length to be published but, if you planned for your story to be 50K all the way through then you don't really have that option, so... do what you want)
I am incredibly behind (9,000 words) so I'm going to try and break through to the unattainable: 15,000 by Sunday.

I wrote 2,000 words yesterday, 1,000 today, and aiming for 6,000 by Midnight on Sunday. Zeta's plan has inspired me.

1) Do Homework (curse you French and Chemistry)
2) Write.

1)Go to Toys 'R' Us. Get Arceus.
2) Write.

Considering that I'm doing NaNo as part of a school project, it would be incredibly awesome if I could produce a 50,000 word novel to turn in for a grade (and if CreateSpace could print it, that would be even awesome-er). It might even be inspiring.

My story is kind of lame, so I better get back to it and try to be inspired again!
I AM about 3000 or so words behind BUT mom knows I'm doing this now so she'll leave me alone so I can finish MAD WRITING! To catch up and get ahead!

Obligatory excerpt:
It was at a wedding, for a friend of mine. We was all just finished setting up and I was keeping a lookout. Rhythm’s friend had invited some bimbo who still had a crush on him. On my man. I wasn’t gonna take that sitting down. Of course not. He was mine, not hers.

Heh, I guess I had no idea that that bimbo would later become a close friend.

But anyway, we’d just gotten to the reception, and me and the rest had all set up the band. I was just getting ready to start a ballad, when I spotted her.

That blond bitch. On my boyfriend. Tryin’ to get in his pants already. AW HAIL NAW.
I would have written more yesterday but I was physically unable - my arm started to really hurt at around 8:00. Then, my parents took me and my brother to a Japanese restaurant, which was great, but took away some of my writing time. So I only got in about 2000 words.

Goal for today: 6000 words. I've done 5000 before (twice, even) and this is only 1000 more. If I can do it, then I'll be completely caught up, and I can spend Sunday getting ahead, to prepare for anticipated lack of writing time next week.

I also have to write an English essay that's worth like... a lot of my grade. So... today is a writing bonanza, I guess.

ALSO MY NOVEL IS SO, SO TRIPPY. Here is an excerpt.

Chapter Four: Hey Light said:
They, together, vibrated and throbbed and shook and pulsated in such a mess of tentacle arms, water, flesh, and noise, that Panda Bear was beginning to lose focus. Disoriented, his tiny snake eyes were overwhelmed. He wanted out of that tree, but there seemed to be nothing he could do, but wait, wait for the event in front of him to unfold, wait for the loud, torturous shrieks to cease, wait for the three to go back to their normal activities. And yet, the light from the crystalline head of Friendly James was blinding, filling the tree with rainbow sparkles, and the screams of Pumpkin Head were deafening, and the rubbery movements of Warm Onion were disorienting, and then, in one moment of pure ecstasy, there was a massive explosion of blood, it seemed, blood, and candy, and sparkles, and sunshine, and ecstasy, pure ecstasy, not in pill form but in emotion form, and lollipops and blood and saliva and goo, icky goo, and it was all in a puddle on the floor, and Panda Bear relapsed, falling back off the edge of the cliff, down into the Dream World once more.
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Was insanely lazy about this yesterday. I got hit by writer's block at the beginning of Scar vs. Dot and somehow managed to do... absolutely no writing.

Unless writing the pre-fight stuff at 1 AM counts, but generally I count everything I write before I go to bed as part of the previous day, not the day the clock actually says it is. And speaking of that pre-fight stuff...

Chapter 10: Bad Kitty! said:
The dinosaur crouched slightly and stared at him for a few seconds, blinking; apparently, this creature had never seen a lion before.

"What are you staring at?"

The green-skinned creature backed off a little and growled, opening its mouth slightly and revealing a long tongue, like a frog's, that was prepared to launch outward at any moment.

"Hey, don't-a start any fights down here!", the plumber yelled, stepping in between the two.

"I never said I was trying to start a fight," the lion said, circling around the plumber and the dinosaur slowly. "This... thing... was staring at me, and I simply asked it why."

"He's-a not an 'it,'" the plumber answered. "And he's-a named Yoshi."

Yoshi stuck his tongue out, blowing a raspberry at the lion. He growled slightly and prepared to lunge at the green dinosaur, but once again the plumber stepped in between them.

"Hey! You really don't-a wanna be startin' any fights down here!"

"Like I told you before... I never said I wanted to start a fight."

He sneered slightly and circled around again, stopping directly in front of the plumber.

"And if I change my mind... how are you going to stop me?"

The plumber cracked his knuckles and then reached into his pocket, pulling out a strange red and white mushroom that appeared to have little beady eyes on its stalk. Holding the mushroom in one hand and getting into a battle stance, he glared at the lion, looking about as intimidating as a five-foot-tall Italian plumber possibly could.

"Believe me," he said, nodding toward Yoshi and the mushroom, "You don't-a wanna find out."

Before anyone was able to find out, however, Zamkolo's voice interrupted them, announcing that the next fight was coming up.

"Match Ten of Round One is about to begin. Those who have chosen the stones numbered nineteen and twenty, please head up the stairs to the arena."

Yeah, not a smart move, Scar... unless you want to have your ass effortlessly handed to you by a 5-foot-nothing Italian plumber.

Today I managed to get over the laziness for a while and finished Scar vs. Dot; next up is Quina Quen vs. Kirby. The battle of the odd-looking "eat your enemies to gain their powers" critters... and I actually didn't set that one up on purpose! It was randomly generated just like all the others.
Eh, a few hundred shy of halfway. Writing's never felt so much like a guilty pleasure...and I still can't get over 'quantity > quality'.
25, 129 words, YESSSS. <3 I felt so exhilarated, and I wanted to post my joy... but I got hit with database errors. XD

Oh, and El Garbanzo, I seriously want to read yours when it's done. XD
In a random burst of "actually writing before 10 PM"-ness, I just finished Quina vs. Kirby. And once again, goofy stuff happens in the pre-fight section... this time they're having an eating contest, with some help from the Burger King's ability to magically generate food.

Chapter 11 said:
"Still hungry! More food!"


The King chuckled slightly, then reached behind his back with both hands and produced two of the largest sandwiches the world has ever seen. Each one seemed to be about as big as a dozen normal hamburgers combined, with a bizarre mixture of ingredients that no normal person would ever think of putting on the same sandwich... at least not without the influence of certain illegal substances.

As the King lowered his hands, the sandwiches almost instantly began to disappear. The blue creature grabbed the sandwich on the left with its tongue, pulling the entire thing into its mouth and scarfing it down. Meanwhile, the pink blob opened wide and began to suck the sandwich toward it with a vacuum-like force. In a matter of seconds, enough food to fill a dozen average humans was gone.

Patting their stomachs slightly, the two paused for a second and then opened their mouths once again.


It was then that King Dedede walked in on the scene. He saw the impossibly oversized sandwiches appear in his fellow King's hands, and immediately waddled over to join in.

"Hey, you guys're eatin' food like this and ya didn't invite me!?"

"Eating contest," the blue creature said, stepping between the duck and the sandwiches, "You no enter."

"Whaaaat!? Now you're gonna say I can't have any?"

The pink creature also stepped in, crossing its tiny arms and scowling.

"You too, Kirby? Come on! Can't I just have a little..."

He reached for one of the sandwiches, and almost immediately the two hungry critters attacked. The blue-skinned one pulled a giant fork out from within its apron and smacked the fat duck in the gut with the flat side of it, while Kirby leaped into the air and kicked him in the face; the combined force of the two attacks sent him flying backward into a wall, smashing a Dedede-shaped hole in it and landing in another room.

"Now we eat!"


Silly Dedede... you should never get between food-centric critters and their food. Even if you are a fat duck with a giant hammer.

Next match is Zack Fair vs. Optimus Prime, which I will (probably) start sometime later today. I'm around 23,800 now, so... maybe I'll actually make it to 25,000 before the weekend's over. I'll probably have to finish the fight (or at least get a decent chunk of it done) to make it that far, though.
El Garbanzo, (constructive criticism) I would strongly suggest not adding "-a" to everything Mario says.

In other news... I'm not doing quite as well as I would have liked, but I think I'll be caught up by the end of today. The words just aren't coming out as smoothly as they did last weekend, I guess.
El Garbanzo, (constructive criticism) I would strongly suggest not adding "-a" to everything Mario says

It's mostly just "let's" (which he adds the -a for every time in the games... has Mario ever said "let's go" without it coming out as "let's-a go"?) and "don't" that get the -a for so far. And probably "it's" if he ever says "it's" sometime later.

I'll try to remember not to overdo it in chapters where he shows up more, though.

Wait, why is BK still alive?

Don't tell me he beat Macho Man. That's... just no.

Well, first of all... death isn't the only way to lose. You also lose if you get knocked out and stay unconscious for too long, get thrown/knocked/etc. out of the ring, willingly give up, or are completely unable to fight in some other way. So even if the Burger King had lost, he wouldn't necessarily be dead.

And second of all... this is the Burger King. He can move insanely fast when he wants to. Haven't you seen those commercials? It's like "he's off in the distance somewhere and walking very slowly, you turn away for a second, and then he's right there."

On the other hand, the entire cast of Punch-Out! are basically on the strong end of the "normal human" range. They're stronger than the average guy off the street and are good at punching things (and sometimes have a few little tricks in addition to that), but they have no real powers or super-strength/speed at all. Otherwise Mike Tyson wouldn't be a very impressive final boss...
But BK has no fighting skills. Also, Macho Man is incredibly powerful, and the Super Spin Punch is one of the few OHKO punches in the game.
The Burger King has no known fighting skills. But that's only because he's a fast food mascot--they're never going to show BK or Ronald McDonald or someone like that actually fighting in their commercials, regardless of what abilities they might have.

And we know that fast food mascots at least have the ability to create food out of nowhere and some form of magic (Ronald McDonald does, and he's just a clown... so why wouldn't the King?) Plus, it's very rare for someone to have just speed and nothing else (heck, even Sonic isn't 100% speed--if he was, he'd never be able to slam himself into robots all the time without getting hurt--and he's a guy who's known for his speed and nothing else.) If BK can move that quickly without even looking like he's going very fast, being able to fight isn't that unrealistic.

I'll admit that I took more liberties with BK than any of the other characters, but that's only because his abilities really haven't been shown anywhere and there's nothing that really establishes just how powerful he is. All I have to go on is the vague hints that he's more powerful than a normal human... and even then the BK commercials can be a bit inconsistent.
Basically, when I write fights involving BK, he has the ability to create food (and sometimes use it as a weapon), as well as some degree of super-strength to go along with the super-speed he shows in a few of the commercials.
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