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Pokémon Mafia: Arceus - Game Thread

listen, i get where you're coming from, but generally speaking if you really want to make up fake flavor, google is right there
even if anabel was in this game, there's one main point: anabel is neither a villager nor galaxy team member
so even if your claim of a character completely unrelated to the rest of this entire game and the original source material is true, by the rules and roles we know, they'd be third party at BEST
if given the choice between voting a claim that's at the very least somewhat plausible, or voting a claim that is straight the fuck out of left field...?

well. lemme just make sure my vote is still on foxes, in case i accidentally took it off or something
listen, i get where you're coming from, but generally speaking if you really want to make up fake flavor, google is right there
have you considered that our claim is out of left field because we aren’t lying to make it look more plausible

wronf quote but whatever
sorry that i got a bit heated there towards rnp
after your explanation i respect your decision

i think personally that you could get there if you were thinking big picture having to considering everything that happened as a whole, instead of getting hung up on one point like youre doing right now (because all living players right now have sticking points that you can get hung up on and push), but thats a skill that takes practice for sure

-nya (not actually but i have no clue how im signing)
About half an hour to EoD.

Elimination votes:

JackPK - lolfoxes (#275)
lolfoxes - JackPK (#279), RedneckPhoenix (#282), Herbe (#292)

The village square has all but devolved into a fistfight. Insults fly thick and fast, everyone believing the worst of each other. Eventually the argument coalesces around two figures. Anabel, a recent faller-from-the-sky, claims to have been a police investigator in the world she hailed from, and says her investigations have led to the undeniable truth, if only everyone would listen; but she is shouted down by a young red-haired boy who seems unconvinced by her credentials and believes her to be an imposter. She tries to reason with him, but it's futile; with the credibility he's gained from his efforts to uncover the mysterious conspirators, the town cannot be swayed. The boy orders his Goomy to restrain her, and she is dragged away.

Without the trusty Bidoof to assemble a gallows, more inventive measures of execution are required, and Lian has had plenty of time to practice his craft. Anabel does not receive the mercy of a swift death.

lolfoxes are dead. They were a Villager.

"Now," Lian says, turning to the assembled villagers, and a fearsome smile spreads across his face, "there are going to be some changes around here. From now on, you all answer to the Pearl Clan and me. Anyone who doesn't like that... Well, you saw what happened to her. We all know there aren't enough of you left to stand against me!"

Everyone is stunned into silence for a moment, but before anyone else has a chance to react, a low, menacing chuckle rings out behind him. A Galaxy Team guard steps out from the shadows - Beauregard, responsible for standing watch over the entrance to the Galaxy Team's headquarters.

"'Not enough of you'? What, did you think you were the only one with plans for this place? That once that stupid cop was out of the way, we'd just fold up and cower beneath your heel like those poor pathetic villagers?"

Lian goes to order his Goomy forward, intending to capture this insolent man and have him burned alive as an example to the rest of the village, but he is stopped short, suddenly breathless. He looks down to see the jagged, cruel-looking tip of a knife protruding through his chest, his life's blood already beginning to spread over the front of his clothing.

"Ah, I see you've met my friend," smirks Beauregard. "We've not talked much about his past, but he is absolutely devoted to our cause. You know he's been the one behind all those conspiracy rumours that have been going around? A most ingenious distraction from our true purpose, I thought."

His monologue is wasted, however. Lian's eyes have already glazed over, his final choking gasps fading to nothing.

RedneckPhoenix is dead. He was Pearl Clan.

As soon as Lian's body hits the ground, a cold pale glow flares up, illuminating the whole square. Beauregard turns instantly, his eyes wide and crazed.

"Beaugene! I told that stupid professor you were really a Silcoon! Now that we've disposed of these meddlers, there's nobody standing in our way. We'll bring the world to its knees, Beaugene, you and me!"

The being taking shape before them indeed has the form of a Beautifly - albeit a huge one - its iridescent wings spreading the full length of the Galaxy Team headquarters. But somehow there is an undefinable wrongness about it, like its basic geometry doesn't quite match with the rest of the world. Beauregard and his follower drop to their knees, ecstasy written on their faces as the sickly light grows to envelop them. The other villagers turn to flee, but the world begins to fade away around them, replaced with something altogether far more alien. Impossible colours and incomprehensible shapes dance in front of their eyes, twisting their minds to better serve their new master. An elder evil has claimed this village for its own designs now, and it will not be resisted.

The Cult of Beaugene (Herbe and JackPK) have won!


Several years later...

A chill wind blows through the empty streets of Jubilife Village, whistling through holes in the tumbledown ruins and rustling the weeds that have grown to envelope the pastures. The few Celestic people who remain in Hisui avoid this place now, believing it to be cursed, and perhaps they are right. A great evil was born into the world here, and the scars that such a thing leaves behind take eternities to heal.

But for today, at least, the village is occupied. A chorus of bleats echoes down the abandoned avenues as a flock of fluffy, huggable Wooloo amble around, directed by a short dark-haired girl wearing what looks like a set of fine pyjamas. These creatures aren't native to the region, but since the settlements were abandoned they have thrived under her care and guidance. After all, in a place uninhabited, who is there to hinder their growth? One day, their descendants will encounter the Thing again, and this time they will defeat it. She is sure of it.

Eifie has also won!

i acknowledge that this was a fairly clear possibility from the start but i don't really feel like playing a game that's unwinnable by design was fun


we had to assume 3v1 in order to have a chance as winning so it was best to consider rnp as v
i acknowledged the chance that rnp was w bit in any world where he was there was no point even trying the last day
incredible! (and of course eifie wins how could eifie not win)

I gotta say, being 3p-whose-wincon-is-that-another-3p-gets-their-wincon is not the kind of game I would've picked from the start and I think that unfortunately showed in my awkward play, but it turned out to be a lot of fun anyway, and I managed to help Herbe win regardless so I'm pleased!
im less mad about that and more mad about the "5 non town vs 3 town" part of it
also like
game going to f4 in a 3v2v1v2 situation is basically a win for me
there were no way we were going to win with literally 3 villas lol
yeah. there was still a chance for you to win on the last day - if you'd eliminated RNP, Jack and Herbe would have immediately met their wincon and left the game (same deal as the subway bosses) and left you as the only surviving player. but there wasn't really any way for you to know that so it was less fair than I would have liked. mostly the question at hand was "will RNP listen to you and vote out Jack, thereby ensuring his own victory"

I was quite surprised at how many people had the option to pick town and didn't, too; like Butterfree suggested in the signup thread, I thought people would instantly gravitate towards town roles, and that's why I didn't include that many, to ensure there were at least a couple of scum - but it seems the lure of interesting-sounding flavour was too strong. alas.
i don't really feel like playing a game that's unwinnable by design was fun



"by design" isn't quite fair to put it - all of this cult business actually came about because I chose the third party role that was "an AI is gonna generate your wincon the start of day 1" and what it came out with was a) i win when the role cop dies and b) i have a partner (who is not a traitor he is just good at mafia games.)

anyway! big props to jack for the partnership scenario and everything that went into that, ty for all the help !!!
although it did end up unbalancy at the end admittedly. To be fair if i had had my way we woulda voted RNP out this day too (because you were poisoned foxes and i wanted to cover my bases) (my poison was also a roleblock)
idk how to respond to that isnt just venting salt so i just wont

congrats on the win
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