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I'm having that problem too.

The Insider just updated to say that they're doing some maintainence, so maybe it'll be fixed soon. Thankfully, I haven't noticed my potion supplies dwindling either.

EDIT: Ravenclaw has the most points right now. I'm so excited haha. We've been neck and neck with Slytherin all day, and we've finally pulled ahead!
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I'm finding it quite funny how Slytherin has the fewest members and yet is still winning. It's sort of true to the books in that Slytherin and Ravenclaw are ahead while Hufflepuff is really behind.

Out of curiosity, does it say Sorcerer's Stone for your guys in America? I haven't really seen options for language anywhere.


Uh, I didn't do it.
All the books are called Sorcerers Stone... I plan on getting my email back out there tonight.

I forgot what email I used... issue with having 10+ email accounts.


I'm finding it quite funny how Slytherin has the fewest members and yet is still winning. It's sort of true to the books in that Slytherin and Ravenclaw are ahead while Hufflepuff is really behind.
On the other hand, the top people for the other three houses have made loads and loads of points between them whereas Hufflepuff's top people have made much less, despite being only a little bit behind as a whole! Which means that it's working more like a big team and that more people are putting work in and I find that really cute. :3

I'm on Pottermore now!! My username is YewJinx40 and I got sorted into Gryffindor, which is a shame because I feel pretty 'puffy, but I gueeeess I'll deal. So far I am awful at potions.

Also, why does the Gryffindor welcome information suck? Apparently the other houses have interesting stuff and all I got was a paragraph of Percy going YEEEEAAAH GRYFFINDOR \o/
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i hate you guys ; ; I'm still not in and I won't have internet for the next EIGHT DAAAAAAAAYS ;; and and and I bet my email will come like. tomorrow. and I won't be able to do anything waaaaaah


oh man, good times.
My email finally came a couple of days ago! My wand's ash with dragon heartstring, unyielding, and I'm in Slytherin. Apparently this means that I'm stubborn and like power, and also that I'm stubborn and like power. (I disagree. Stubbornly. But I do like Slytherin! :D)

I haven't really gotten to do much since getting Sorted, though; the site spent ages yesterday processing my first house point due to overwhelming demand. I'm super-glad to have actually gotten in, though!


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asdfjkl I GOT IN.


Wand is Hazel with Pheonix core, 12 and a 1/2 inches, moderately flexible.

User name is DustRiver124, if anyone wants to friend me.

And no I'm not evil. heheheh, yes I am


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It finally let me on long enough to be sorted!
Wand is hazel with unicorn core, 10 1/2 inches, hard.
I'm MahoganyMidnight15, if you want to add me.
I'm a Slytherin! :D My wand is silver lime and dragon, 12 3/4 inches, and surprisingly swishy.

Think I've posted this before, but my username is FrogPhoenix4 for those who want to find me.


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Still at Olivander's :V My wand is dragon core (:D) and English oak, 12 1/2 inches and slightly springy. I chose a black cat for a companion.

EDIT: I'm Gryffindor. >:V fffffuck can i just be ravenclaw
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I just got in and now the site's not working so I can't even get past chapter one or anything or get sorted!


edit: ... so I'm a gryffindor, apparently? disappointed because I was so keen for hufflepuff simply because there is the least amount of information on hufflepuff in the books, and I also felt like there were several of the questions that I could have gone either way on.

also I'm about as daring/brave/chivalrous as a sock, so. oh well~! everything is so cool so I don't care much!

editedit: oh and my wand is larch & unicorn, eleven inches, ~* surprisingly swishy *~, I think? Which I am pleased with! I'm really annoyed I can't choose another pet though, because I really meant to get a toad and the thingy lagged and now I have a screech owl. :|
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woo, I got my welcome e-mail for my second account and re-sorted into Slytherin?? I didn't even cheat, so THIS SORTING THING IS WACK GUYS

my wand was pretty much the same, though, although I got yew instead of dogwood.