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Rate the song above you

didn't like the singer's voice, and the song was rather generic in the first place. 3.5/10

now for something completely different to spice this thread up a bit:

Rodrigo y Gabriela - Vikingman

(if anyone likes that song, I highly recommend getting their entire self-titled album which even contains brilliant covers of Orion and Stairway To Heaven)
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6/10. Awesome guitar, but the total lack of lyrics makes me sad. :(


(If anyone worries why I only post the name of the song, it's so that people can't just say "Ooh, not my favorite song from The Beatles, but good" without ever listening to the song. Yes, I'm weird. What of it?)
it wasn't that catchy but still pretty good 7/10, and it reminded me to get around to watching Summer Wars that I had on my "to watch" list for a good while now

now let's get some brony tears (it WILL make you emotional at the very least), hopefully from someone who had seen all 26 eps

Not A Clever Pony - Main Theme (Farewell Party Remix)

(warning: if you haven't seen all eps yet then don't look at the vid itself as it contains some spoilers - very, very mild ones at that, but still)
I am a metal fan, but I can't listen to that kind of toilet sounds. All I hear is drums and gurgling. A few points for decent guitar.

IN FLAMES - The Quiet Place

This 'ere is IN FLAMES, Melodic Death Metal, what Death Metal OUGHT to be.
cheesy album title, song title and lyrics (as usual with DT) as well as even cheesy album art this time, the song is decent but unmemorable, but at least John Petrucci had toned down his trademark unnecessary guitar wankery a bit (at least on this single) and you can actually hear John Myung playing for once (maybe Portnoy leaving had a positive effect as well?). 5/10

Symphony X - Paradise Lost

I dunno, the piano in the beginning sorta dragged on. I hoped it'd pick up sooner than it did. It sounded nice towards the end though.

Let's try some Indie Rock...

The Killers - Midnight Show
it took a very long while for The Incident to grow on me but I like it so much these days, and that is one of my favourite tracks on it, the riffs are really great. 9/10

Ulver - All The Love
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