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Referee Headquarters


but is a sheep entering.
I'm presuming the pay increase is to compensate for having to type up more commands per action (e.g. in a double battle), so if no more than one Pokémon is acting for any trainer at any given time I'd guess not.

(This is assuming I'm even right in thinking what a rotation battle even is, GF keeps introducing these cool new battle formats and then never fucking using them ingame)


he, they
Emergency referees' base pay is increased by $1 for each Pokémon on the field at the beginning of the round. Frequent emergency reffing will increase a referee's chance of earning a promotion.
Given the examples below, I think this is supposed to be "final pay"? Otherwise the elite emergency ref reffing one round of a 16-pokemon melee would be paid (4+16)*16 = $320, while if it were final pay, they would be paid 4*16+16 = $80, as expected.


oh man, good times.
Given the examples below, I think this is supposed to be "final pay"? Otherwise the elite emergency ref reffing one round of a 16-pokemon melee would be paid (4+16)*16 = $320, while if it were final pay, they would be paid 4*16+16 = $80, as expected.
Yyyyyes, I think you're right. Fixed.


bastard of puppets
This is more than a little overdue by now, but, I'd like to announce some promotions! Congratulations to Eifie, Keldeo and Totodile on becoming Advanced referees!
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Well, it's been a while hasn't it?
I was a ref in the old league, so I can just have my position back correct? Just wanted to be sure that that part in the OP was still correct.


groove out!
There is, at long last, a new ref quiz up! Much thanks to Keldeo, who did 95% of the work here.

Here are the answers to the previous quiz:

  1. A Woobat with +2 special attack and 0 EXP uses Air Slash on an Ivysaur. How much damage does it do?
    17% = (7.5% base × 1.25 STAB + 2% SpA boost) × 1.5 super effective. (Before the rounding change, shortly after the quiz was posted, the answer was 15% or 16%.)
  2. How much energy will a Venusaur use to perform Solarbeam? What if it executes the move in one action instead of two?
    6% = 7% base − 1% STAB; 9% if used in one action.
  3. How much more damage would an Amaura with Refrigerate do with Secret Power, compared to an Amaura with Snow Warning?
    With Refrigerate: 10% = 7% base × 1.25 STAB + 2% Refrigerate. With Snow Warning: 7%.
  4. The damage cap for a given battle is 35%. A Pokemon has already taken 33% damage when an arena effect deals 5% damage. How much damage will the Pokemon have taken by the end of the round?
    35%; arena effects don't bypass the damage cap, unless specified otherwise.
  5. A Pokemon is frozen by Ice Beam. Will it be likely to be able to use Thunderbolt? What about Quick Attack? (a short explanation would be appreciated, but is not necessary)
    Yes and no, respectively, because Thunderbolt doesn't require movement and Quick Attack does.
  6. When should you give a battler a DQ warning, and where should you post or how should you contact the battler to notify them?
    You're supposed to post in the thread; you should also give them a VM or PM.
  7. How much damage would a Rhyperior with Solid Rock take from a Squirtle with 0 EXP using Water Pulse?
    12% = 6% base × 1.25 STAB × 1.6 super effective.
  8. What happens if Gravity is used while a Pokemon is using Fly?
    Fly ends.
  9. Consider a battle that takes place in the air, far above the ground. What happens if a Pokemon uses Rock Slide?
    Rock Slide fails.
  10. A Pokemon holding a Life Orb uses Doubleslap, which hits four times. How much extra damage will Life Orb grant, and how much recoil will the user incur?
    3% extra damage for 1% health & energy recoil; all four hits count as one attack.
  11. How much health and energy is used to make a medium Substitute?
    15% health; 8% energy.
  12. A Pokemon uses Drain Punch and deals 8% damage. How much health will it heal? What if it is holding a Big Root?
    4%; 6% with a Big Root.
  13. A Pokemon is at 60% health when it uses Recover. How much health will it regain, and how much energy will it cost?
    40% health; 30% energy. (Until recently, the answer was 20% energy.)
  14. In a 2v2 singles, trainer A used one Pokemon, which KO’d both of the Pokemon that trainer B used. What prizes will be distributed to the trainers, their Pokemon, and the referee at the end of the battle?
    $16 for A, and 3 exp/happiness for their Pokémon; $4 for B, and 1 exp/happiness for each of their Pokémon; $10 for the ref.
  15. A Pokemon with 8 EXP and +1 special attack uses Night Shade. Assuming the target is not immune, how much damage will Night Shade do?
    8%; Night Shade's damage can't be altered, unless it's prevented entirely.
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oh man, good times.
It's been apparent for a while that there's kind of a big gap between the Novice and Advanced ranks, so we've decided to add a new rank between them to recognize the refs in the Novice rank who we've noticed doing quite well, though for whatever reason they're not quite ready to move on to Advanced yet. The Intermediate rank's base pay will be $2.50, with the amount rounding up in the uncommon cases when an odd number of Pokémon is present on the field at the beginning of a round.

The following refs have been promoted based on their reffing activity (when not absent, in one case), the general solid quality of those reffings, and their demonstrated willingness to ask questions and make changes when needed to ensure that their battles go more smoothly. Congratulations to Eta Carinae, JackPK, Superbird, and TruetoCheese for making the Intermediate rank!

(The four of you may claim any currently pending reffings at your new rate of pay.)

The Omskivar

chah, dude
So if a battle calls for an e-ref but the original referee hasn't done anything past opening the thread, does the e-ref still collect e-ref rates and get half of the battle prize, or do they collect as normal and get the full prize? or do they collect the e-ref rate and still get the full prize