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Sable's Daycare Centre

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I think that you should make a new thread for this, unless you can somehow gain the ability to edit the first post :P
That sounds like a good idea.

When I'm finished revamping this I repost it in the Business Approval Office, correct? Can I claim the tills that Sable never did, or do the profits just vanish?
I can give you threadministration over this thread if you would prefer to keep using it rather than starting another one.

I'm afraid the profits aren't yours to claim; they're still there for Li'l Dwagie if she ever wants to return.
So... I'm withdrawing Rush. No experience gained.

I'm putting Melo in. Chase is still here.

Edit: Don't want to double post, so...

withdrawing Chase and putting Rush in.
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I'll put my dratini and deino in the main daycare area ($12/exp each for my reference).

Would metronome battles count for this? Tournament battles (even if you didn't use your own pokémon)?

And can this be doubled up with the exp share (since there was something about pokémon being unable to participate in battles started after the pokémon being put in the daycare)? If not, I'll leave nincada instead of deino ($7/exp).
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I'd say yes to the first two, but no to the second. Couldn't you just drop off the pokemon you wanted the EXP on directly? (Unless, of course, that's some zany plan to get cheaper EXP; this is already a waaay cheaper form of rare candies if you happen to have any battles near completion.)

And also yes to the buying things! But wouldn't you want to wait until Negrek approves the changes, I get threadmin powers, and I get the profits? Of course you do. ^_^
re: exp share, I meant, could you leave a pokémon here, then stick it in your party while it holds the exp share so that the pokémon gets exp from the share as well as the day care? Unless you're dropping the rule where you can't use a pokémon that's in the day care in battle, it could potentially be considered sufficiently similar to deny that, so.

Even if you don't have threadmin powers, if the business is yours now, no reason you're not getting the profits...? Though I don't see why you wouldn't create your own thread.
Oh. Well, I'm not sure about that point; I figured the rule must have been put in there to balance things, and if you think about it the reason they can't battle is because they're in the Daycare. Presumably not "in" the active squad to hold the experience share. I suppose I'd have to say no, but the whole not participating in later battles is more of a relic anyway... I'll see if it can be removed.

I was planning on making a new one anyway, and even if it does count now it seems a bit simpler not to trawl through and determine what counts as mine and what counts as DJ-PON3's. Since it'll be a restart with a few changes in rules, is everyone okay with re-depositing who they want? It'll prevent someone from having a pokemon in that was here months ago and realizing it a year from now... And again, who would take the profits in that case?
Well, if you had actually earned a full number of EXP the money would just go to DJ-PON3/Sable. If not, I... guess I'll just debate over this for a while. :/
Profits from pokémon deposited before the fourth of December is Sable's, any profits from afterward is yours...? Unless Negrek says otherwise, post 41 is where it started being yours; otherwise it should've undergone the usual forfeiting procedures and be closed in the interim, going by the Business Approval Office's first post. (Where... where I apparently work. Uh, whoops.)
Keep the part where pokémon in the daycare can't be in the active squad.

Kusarigamaitachi is correct about the profits. Once you pay for the business I can either threadmin you here, or you can open a new thread.

uh but I'm not actually starting any battles but some could possibly end soon. So I'll take out nincada and put deino in anyhow. >>; Unlikely to matter terribly, but!
If you're the one DQ'd, no.

Also, should add a stipulation that battles you're in *when you deposit the pokémon* don't count, either.
If you're the one DQ'd, no.

Also, should add a stipulation that battles you're in *when you deposit the pokémon* don't count, either.

D: So this post doesn't apply any more?

They can be in progress when you put your 'Mon in, they're already time consuming enough I believe. The main purpose of that restriction is to prevent the extreme boosting by anyone with piles of stacked old battles~

How does this rule change apply? Does it only apply to pokemon deposited after this post or to pokemon deposited after a set date or to all pokemon (even the ones currently deposited)?
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