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Sable's Daycare Centre

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Bluberry Bat

Mostly Ghostly
Out on the edges of ASB Central, the land opens up from the crowded city environment to open fields of a variety of landscapes. It is here an exceptionally large, fenced in area is set up - the fence seemingly covering plains, hills, water, forests, even craggy parts of an area with volcanic activity - this area seems to have metal fencing and is riddled with signs reading "DO NOT TOUCH." Sitting along the fence in the field area nearest the city is a decently sized beige cottage with purple shutters and a black roof.

Sable's Daycare Centre

Stepping inside the cottage you can immediately tell it's teeming with life. The staff are bustling about holding all manner of younger Pokémon and it smells strongly of wood chips, various feeds and droppings. A Chatot just inside the door signals your arrival with a loud "SQUAWK! VISITORS. VISITORS." which cues one of the staff who doesn't have their hands full to approach you.

"Hiya! Welcome to the daycare centre! You look like you haven't been here before, so feel free to ask about any of our services. If you're picking up or dropping off any of your Pokémon, please head right out back and speak to one of our trainers. The incubator room is right though the door to your left - and all transactions can be made at the counter." You hear something crash in the background. "If you'll excuse me..."

Backyard and Pokémon Area
Walking out back there appear to be innumerable amounts of Pokémon romping about every area of the open space. Some are in pairs and some are alone - others even have all manner of trainers interacting (or chasing after) them. You are approached by a member of staff, wearing their uniform purple smock and bandanna; holding a bucket of gods-know-what and covered with all manner of dirt and grime; and they couldn't be happier that way it seems.
"Howdy! Are you interested in our training and daycare services? You're in the right place, our staff are all highly qualified to take the very best care of your partners while you're away!"

Outline of Services
Daycare Main
Trainers may drop off up to two of their Pokémon at the Daycare Centre at any time. These Pokémon will be cared for by the Daycare staff and are ensured to get plenty of activity in with free reign over the huge fenced area. Although not as effective as battling, Pokémon may still become stronger if they spend enough time with a qualified trainer. Although it is free to drop off and pick up normally, trainers will charge fees for their work if they feel they've succeeded in assisting a Pokémon's growth.

-For every two COMPLETED battles a trainer completes while their Pokémon is in the Daycare, that Pokémon will gain one EXP point OR one Happiness point towards evolution. Both battles must be completed in succession while a Pokémon is in daycare. For example, Completing a battle, withdrawing and re-depositing your Pokémon and completing another battle will NOT gain them a point. Proof must be provided of battle completion to redeem this EXP and only battles completed after the point which the Pokémon is deposited are valid.
~~Cost to withdraw a Pokémon is base 5+Rarity per experience point gained. For example, an R2 Pokémon who gains one EXP point will cost $7 to withdraw, while an R8 will cost $13. ASB Pokédex specific Pokémon (Those registered in the 'Dex Registry) require special knowledge and will cost a flat $15 per point to withdraw.

Breeding Pen
If desired, a trainer's two Pokémon may be placed together with a certified Breeder; whom will do their best to induce the creation of offspring amongst them. Pokémon must be able to viably breed and will take varying amounts of time to produce results depending on their compatibility. While in the breeding pen, they will gain no EXP for completed battles, but rather progress towards their offspring. One again, they must be consecutive.
The time it takes to produce an egg are as follows;

-Same Egg Group (Same Species) ~ One completed battle
-Same Egg Group (Different Species) ~ Two completed battles
-With Ditto ~ Three completed battles

--Pokémon with a rarity of 5 or above will take an additional battle in order to produce an egg. The rarity is determined by the female. (Who also decides the species, unless breeding with ditto in which case the other Pokemon always determines species. Two Ditto may not breed.) For example - a female Zangoose (R5) and a male Hippopotas (R4) will produce a Zangoose egg in 3 completed battles time. While a female Hippopotas and male Zangoose will produce a Hippopotas egg in 2. Similarly two Zangoose will produce a Zangoose egg in 2.

When battles are redeemed and an Egg is finally produced, the egg may be taken with the original trainer for a cost of Rarity*2. For example, said Zangoose egg (R5) would cost $10 to redeem.
Alternately, the Daycare Centre will pay out the same cost to the trainer and keep the egg. It will be placed in the Incubator room for adoption.

-Once an egg is produced, both Pokémon will be unable to participate in breeding for a period of one week times their rarity. For example, aforementioned Zangoose will be unable to redeem battles towards breeding again until 5 weeks have passed.

--An egg will enter a trainer's active party as on of their allowed ten. Eggs may not hold items. An egg must recieve care and stimulation and will hatch upon completing one battle and returning to the daycare centre to redeem. A battle MAY be used for both training/breeding and hatching. -Eggs may not be deposited into the PC and must be kept in a trainer's party until hatching-

The Incubator Room
This is a room where all eggs in need of caring trainers will be kept. They will keep warm and alive indefinitely, but can never hatch without the care of a trainer. When an egg is sold back to the centre it will appear here. Alternately, eggs will be sporadically randomly produced by the staff and placed for adoption. Check back often!
Eggs cost a certain amount of money to adopt, but are always slightly cheaper than their Registration Office counterparts with the added burden of needing to hatch them first. Eggs are hatched by completing one battle after redeeming a given egg. A battle MAY be used for both training/breeding and hatching. -Eggs cannot be deposited into the PC and must remain in a trainer's party until hatching-
-- R1: $4 / R2: $6 / R3: $9 / R4: $11 / R5: $13 / R6: $17 / R7: $22 / R8: $25

- Spinarak Egg (R1)
- Dratini Egg (R7)
- Taillow Egg (R2)
- Mawile Egg (R7)
- Pichu Egg (R3)
- Grimer Egg (R2)

Overhead Information
Training: $2 + rarity / 2 for normal pokémon, $7 for fakes.
Half total cost for egg redemption
Incubator: R1 $1 / R2: $2 / R3: $4 / R4: $5 / R5: $6 / R6: $9 / R7: $11 / R8: $13

Purchase ------------- Price ------ Overhead ----- Profit
Kratos Aurion ---------- £15 ----------- £05 -------- £10

Psymon ~ Grizzle (Teddiursa)
Prettzel ~ Venonat
Lars the Turtwig ~ Reaper Jack (Duskull)
L'il Dwagie ~ Pal (Shuppet)
Mike the Foxhog ~ Runningnose (Eevee) and Miles Edgeworth (Pidgey)
Kratos Aurion ~ Camboda (Lotad) and Kosciuszko (Dragomelet)
blazheirio889 ~ Xenon (Drifloon)
Kammington ~ Astor (Bidoof)
Squornshellous Beta ~ Bactrian (Numel)

Breeding Pen
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These completed battles required to get exp/eggs/etc.... can they be any battles that are in progress when you deposit the Pokémon, or do you have to start a new battle and then complete it while the Pokémon is in the daycare for it to count?
They can be in progress when you put your 'Mon in, they're already time consuming enough I believe. The main purpose of that restriction is to prevent the extreme boosting by anyone with piles of stacked old battles~
Updated the fields with everyone's Mons. .....I also have to update the incubator, some time, seems I forgot about it here.

In the mean time however, I'll be storing my own beastie, Pal the Shuppet.
Withdrawing GD and Cephalogod. They were deposited October 11th, so that means that with these four battles they should have 2 exp each, correct?

1 2 3 4

...you know what I'm just gonna foist more stuff on you k? Here have a Cabomba and a Kosciuszko.

Also, a question I've been meaning to ask since forever: if a pokémon is in the daycare, can it also be used in battle due to ASB-laughs-at-time-and-space? Or is it off-limits?
...you know what I'm just gonna foist more stuff on you k? Here have a Cabomba and a Kosciuszko.

Also, a question I've been meaning to ask since forever: if a pokémon is in the daycare, can it also be used in battle due to ASB-laughs-at-time-and-space? Or is it off-limits?

That's what it's here for~

.......And you know, that's a good question. ASB -does- tend to break some basic laws, but I dunno how far that actually extends. I'd like to say they can't be sent out in any battles started after the point they're deposited, which seems to be a general rule-of-thumb space time continuum ignoring safe point. But of course, they can be put into storage.. which is basically the idea here, considering.
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