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(SPOILERS) CoroCoro reveals new Pokemon: Magiana


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News on Serebii // News on Bulbanews

So what do y'all think of this development?

It was really shocking to me at first, but in retrospect, I should've expected us to start getting new Pokemon for the next movie. I was really hoping for a Z version, but the odds seem vastly more likely now that Magiana is a Gen 7 Pokemon being featured in advance (like the Latis, Lucario, Manaphy, Zoroark and Mega Mewtwo Y) rather than a new Pokemon somehow being added to Gen 6 for a new Z dex. And, in retrospect, the new Zygarde arc in the anime kind of smacks of the same thing they did with Meloetta, throwing it into the main anime series so they wouldn't have to feature it in a movie.

It's still really bizarre, though, that Zygarde will most likely get its new formes in a new generation instead of as a cover mascot.

The other possibility, which I think is pretty unlikely but I'm hyped for in case it happens, is that maybe they are doing a Z version, but they're premiering a new second set of Generation 6 Pokemon in it that they'll patch retroactively into XYORAS. I really doubt that'll happen, but people were speculating it way back when XY came out and we found out we only had 72 new Pokemon, so I don't even know what to think ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As for Magiana itself, what do y'all think?

It has a bit of an overtly Klink-ish vibe for me, but idk, I'm willing to suspend disbelief and allow it time to look less weird for me, just as most new Pokemon take time to do now that I'm grown up.

I wouldn't be surprised if it gets a Mega like Diancie or another forme like Meloetta. What with CoroCoro saying it has "a secret hidden inside its body," I'm guessing its dress is gonna retract/expand/open to reveal a power core or something. Heck, while I'm bullshitting here, maybe they could even further cheapen the Mega concept by making Magiana have its Mega Stone inherently inside its body and therefore be able to Mega Evolve without a held item, like Rayquaza.

It looks pretty clearly Steel-type for me, and I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that the name Magiana hints at a secondary Psychic or Fairy type. EDIT: Apparently it's a hard G, so I'm guessing its name is more a pun on ma-gear-na than magi-ana.
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I'm pretty sure Z is going to happen. There are a handful of Ground moves in the XY coding that aren't on any mons, that seem like Zygarde-exclusives. I don't expect, though, that Z is going to introduce any more than new forms - this is an early new mon reveal yes, but let's not forget how early Ho-oh and Togepi showed up, way back in the day,


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For some reason, this isn't what I'd expect from a man-made Pokemon in the Pokemon universe. A man-made Pokemon in the real world, mechanical makes sense. But in the Pokemon world, I'd almost expect it to be biological, like Mewtwo.

Also I feel like this is setting up to be a legendary and I kinda miss the days where the first Pokemon revealed was something like Togepi or Snubbull. Nothing crazy special.


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One of the things I loved about Black/White was that little scene in Chargestone Cave where Juniper is like "I swear Klink didn't exist yesterday wtf" so the fact that this is man-made and looks mechanical but was made centuries ago is going to lead to some really interesting lore. I mean Magnemite probably didn't exist before horseshoe magnets were invented, so I look forward to anything this Pokémon might add to the mystery of Pokémon that look like real things but aren't.
I doubt anything it introduces would explain Vanillish though.

I sometimes think the long-lost civilisation thing is a bit overdone (how many of them are there in the Zelda universe alone?) but it might be fitting in Pokémon. After all, someone built the Ruins of Alph and Spear Pillar and sealed the Regis away.


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idk, I can totally believe that they just belatedly decided to introduce a fourth event legendary this gen, and if that's the case then I'm guessing it'll just be a Z-exclusive, along the lines of all the OR/AS Mega Evolutions. I don't think they'd do an entire batch of new Pokémon that way, but who knows.

(Also it's cute as heck)
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I have no ideas as to what the next game/set of games will be, but I'm glad we're getting new stuff! I like the design; it's like the lovechild of a Heal Ball and Klink. :D

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I have no ideas as to what the next game/set of games will be, but I'm glad we're getting new stuff! I like the design; it's like the lovechild of a Heal Ball and Klink. :D
Honestly it looks more like the lovechild of a Klink and Diancie to me. It has the same body shape as Diancie and the same eyes. Perhaps that's not just a coincidence.


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So far I'm completely unable to see its name without reading it as "Mangina" and momentarily thinking I've encountered the sort of person who calls people manginas, which is pretty unfortunate, because it's a fairly cute Pokémon. Hopefully I'll get used to it. Or it gets a different English name.

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I don't think this thing appearing in the movie says anything either way about Z (although I will be gobsmacked if we don't get it). Next-gen legendaries usually premier in movies, so it could very easily be our first look at Gen VII, but I wouldn't put it past them to slide a few extras (not too many, though) into Gen VI.

I dunno, it's pretty cute, if a little too diancie-ish, but it hasn't inspired much speculation on my end. Probably because February 27th is so close and it's pretty dang obvious they're gonna announce something big, likely including more detail about magiana, so since the answer is so very near I don't feel like expending any energy on wild guesses, haha.


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When I originally seen the name thought it was going to be a grass pokemon, but it's starting to look like a steel/fairy? It kind of reminds me of a Diancie, but a like someone tried to reconstruct it themselves out of metal. That wouldn't be the first time scientists tried to remake a pokemon in the pokemon universe. There's a lot of stuff it could be realistically, and it's hard to predict anything accurately with Game Freak and Nintendo.


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The design is pretty cool. The dress part looks like a Pokéball or something. She has a bit of a regal appearance. So metallic royalty of 500 years ago? O,o;
I really want to hear its lore. Especially how it was discovered in the modern Pokémon universe.

So far I'm completely unable to see its name without reading it as "Mangina" and momentarily thinking I've encountered the sort of person who calls people manginas, which is pretty unfortunate, because it's a fairly cute Pokémon. Hopefully I'll get used to it. Or it gets a different English name.
I died laughing! :sweatdrop: Was not expecting that.


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So i guess this is canon already. It looks like it's going to be in Z, and will be retroactively patched elsewhere. (I also think this pretty much confirms Z.) It seems sort of... strange that they'd do something like this, given that they could've done the same with diancie, volcanion, et al. to avoid leaks, but didn't. It does make me think that perhaps this was an idea that wasn't set fully into motion until quite a bit after release, because it's... been some time now since X and Y were published, to say the least.

I also wonder why pokémon sent word about it out so fast? It seems odd that they confirmed its existence, lore, and future appearance basically immediately after the CoroCoro leak. Do they respond to the leak of spoilers? If it hadn't leaked, would they have kept it hush until the release of the movie?


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I initially misread it as "mangina" too..... It's not my thing, but new Pokémon stuff is always exciting, so yay. :D


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Regarding Magearna's quick reveal, it's mostly because nowadays Pokemon games release worldwide, meaning official news needs to keep up with Japan's. It didn't reveal it directly after the leak though, which makes me think they waited until Corocoro came out officially (which would be their 15th, and our 14th) to show it off. Whether this means it will be relevant soon in our region, there's no saying.


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More or less what Alxprit said. There's no way of knowing if this means Gen 6.5 or Gen 7; Munchlax was revealed over a year before DP came out in Japan after all.