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The Absence Sheet

... I really don't know how to phrase this.

I still love ASB. I enjoy strategizing. If there's a crazy situation I can get in that I can learn from, sign me up; it's not the tournament and the BfA is dead, so all I have to lose is my pride. (Which I don't really deserve.) But it kind of feels like I'm stretching myself. I've been feeling particularly useless, and writing more than a few sentences at a time is challenging. If it's actual writing writing, I want to toss it out. I've been sort-of-sick-sort-of-not for a while, and I've had low stamina because of that.

But school is almost out, and when I'm "busy" (like I've been for a while) it usually means I can't do things effectively when I'm online--I'm still online fairly often. So... this is sort of an anti-Absence Sheet post. I'm so sorry for what I haven't done, but I'll try to get to it now, I suppose.

I feel awful just putting this down.
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All right, not actually going to be around for a little while longer, I guess. I will definitely return June 4th.
Sorry I've been so behind on everything. I'm feeling a bit burnt out in regards to ASB. If I could have another week to get my commands in for my tournament battle, that'd be great.
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Well, I've been back from my trip for a while now, but I've been exceptionally busy and incredibly tired, so there's probably still not going to be much of me around here for the time being.
For those of you that have noticed there has been a severe lack of Wargle, it will continue for an undetermined period of time. My laptop's wi-fi receiver doesn't work anymore, so I have no internet access aside from this library that I never have time to go to.

I'll try to be back as soon as I can
Leaving for Europe tomorrow (!); have no clue whether I'll have any internet; be gone until about July 14th or so; so, yeah.
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