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The Absence Sheet


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Staff member
If seeking to venture out and explore lands beyond the reach of League jurisdiction, trainers should change their status to inactive by entering their name on the Absence Sheet, which is tacked to the side of the Registration Office in ASB Central. Inactive trainers are immune to the normal penalties for dropping out of sight, so don't forget to leave your name here before you head off on any exciting adventures.

Absence Sheet

If you're going away or won't be able to get on the Internet regularly for any reason, just make a post about it here to let people know. If you can't make it onto the forums for whatever reason, you may also ask another member of the boards to post here for you. If you choose, you may also post a note when you return, especially if your absence has been long. Usually a post in the Absence Sheet will save you from disqualification and so forth, but if you're gone for significantly longer than you say you will be, you will start to rack up penalties anyway.
I'm going to be away as of tomorrow until approximately 1 and a half weeks time. If you put me as away until 23rd of August, or something. If I get back earlier, I'll just state here.
The AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, BENEVOLENT, and WONDERFUL Blaziking will be venturing to the mysterious realm of Rhode Island to find and watch the amazing Jo Dee Messina on the 17th until the 19th.
Internet's extremely limited atm, and will most likely be sporadic for the next month. :[
I'm heading back to college on Saturday, and as such I have a bunch of stressing out that needs to be taken care of beforehand, plus probably the first few days back... So I'll hopefully be back in an ASB frame of mind by Tuesday at the earliest, next weekend at the latest.
I'm evacuated. x.x So I probably won't be able to get on too much. According to school, I should be home Thursday (Sept. 4) unless it's a bad hit.
School starts tomorrow. So yeah, I may be too busy to get on consistently (Very last year of Grade School. :D After I am done Grade 12, I will only be months away from being able to legally drink! :D)
SO GUYS in case you haven't noticed I'ved reffed like once and have taken three battles.

The reason being: I just can't be bothered to. Sorry. Anyone who wants to can just get an e-ref, because I'm probably not going to ref for... quite a while.
My bwuvver blastoise428 is banned from the computer for a week because he forgot to do one of his chores, so he won't post in any battles for about a week (his non-computerness started yesterday, so that's why I said about)
Much as it pains me to leave stuff unfinished (well, just one thing in this case), I’m going to be taking a leave of absence from my reffing job. For a while now I just haven’t been having much fun writing them, and I’m hoping that removing them from my schedule for a while will reignite my interest. (I’d hoped that the long enforced break after the forum went down would help in that regard, but no such luck…) I’ll still be doing my other jobs and participating in battles and such, just no reffing.

So, Grass King’s post in the Emergency Ref thread is still valid, in other words.
I'm doing G.C.S.E coursework as well as a part-time job, so i won't be on as much. I'll still be able to get my reffings done, though they might be a bit late.
I've been pretty dead lately. :| Not really gone, but no brainpower, currently.

Will presumably be able to mimic intelligent thought within the next three weeks, but egh.
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