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The Absence Sheet

NaNo has started and I kind of need to focus my writing attentions on that if I want half a chance of getting past last year's abysmal word count. I won't be "absent", per se; I'll still be able to post in my battles, and I will attempt to write at least one reffing per battle a week (the most current rounds should hopefully be up today), but if I fail to do that then please feel free to get an e-ref for the month.
Not exactly gone, but I have limited time from November 2nd to November 8th. So yeah, this is especially important for my ref status XD
With NaNo going on, I'm likely going to be even less of a presence than usual. You'll be seeing plenty of me come December, though.
I currently have a big college thing taking up no small amount of my mental energy; as such, I'm not going to be able to do much here until Monday, at the earliest.
I've been extremely busy recently and may not post for a few days -- sorry.
My grandma's coming to visit for my birthday, my dad's birthday, and Thanksgiving. Since the only time I won't be spending time with her is at night, and she's using my room, I probably won't be able to post much from November 17th to the 27th.
Okay! I'll be finishing my NaNo very shortly. However, I'm also going on Thanksgiving break, and we no longer have internet at my home. This means that updates are still likely to be sporadic, especially because there are going to be a few days of travel and "family time" stuck in there somewhere.

My apologies to the people battling under me and the league in general for letting things go for so long; however, when I get back to school, I'll have a very large surprise for everyone that I hope you will all enjoy.
So I'm going to be going back to my house with no internet (and which my mother insists will never have internet), so updates are going to be sporadic for the next month until my break is over.

Because, yes, they've been so frequent recently, I know.
Going to be gone doing Christmas stuff with my family. I won't be able to post until January 6th or so.
Going to be away from December 28 to Dec 30, but my battles probably won't even start by then. Whatever.
My Internet is down, and I'm not sure when it'll be up again.

I'll be coming on line from time to time when I find a compuer to hi-jack.
I'm going to be traveling around with my family for the next week, and I'm not sure how often I'll find myself in places with internet, so I thought I should post here just in case. After that, however, I'm planning to attempt to get back into reffing again. Hopefully.
Change of plans. Our plane tickets were too expensive and so we're not going to be travelling for a while. I will be able to go online regularly.
My computer died, so reffing will be near impossible. Should be fixed soon, but until then, eh. Sorry.

EDIT: Nevermind, is fixed. :D
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