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The Absence Sheet

Flora is going to hunt for rare Pokemon in Disneyworld from tomorrow to next Saturday.

I may or may not flit on here from time to time.
For various reasons I'm going to be rather busy for a little while. I'll still be around, just busy. As a result, there will probably be at least a little wait before the next rounds of my battles are up. You can get an e-ref if you are absolutely desperate to continue RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW, but I shouldn't be staggeringly busy for that long and will try to get at least a few of them done soon.
Am sick so will not be here until I'm better (computer makes my eyes hurt). Sorry to those that I'm reffing, shouldn't be too long but yeah.
I'm going to be going home for a week over spring break, which means that I won't have any internet access. There are a lot of things I wanted to get done before I left that didn't because last week turned out to be much crazier than anticipated, but they're going to have to wait until I get back. I apologize to everyone that's waiting on me for something.
For the entire week I'm going to be gone most of the day, exhausted when I get back, and have homework to fill in the rest.

We used to call this a break.
My internet has died at home and we've been unable to fix it so far. Hopefully we'll be able to get it up by about Saturday afternoon, but that's at the earliest and I can't say for sure when I'll have regular internets again. Until then, I can really only get on while I'm at school, and since my last day is Tuesday if the internet isn't up by then... yeah. :/

So that's what's up if you don't see me around for a while.
Update: We have internet at home again, but it's only on the main computer and we won't have wireless again until we can get a new router. I have important stuff on my laptop that can't make it to the internet until we get said new router, and I have to share this computer with the rest of my family so I'm probably not going to have time to do any reffings. Hopefully we'll get that router soon, and in the meantime my break was not as long as I thought it would be (way to pay attention to the school calendar, dumbass) so I *might* be able to get some stuff done in the school computer labs until then--my schedule this quarter means that I won't have as much goof-off-in-the-lab-time as I did before, but I can try.

Long story short, reffings will still have to wait a while, but at least I'll be able to check in for the occasional approval or issuance of orders (assuming my challenge ever gets a ref).
I am visiting my gran's house and afterwards have babysitting duties for a few days. I don't know the exact scedule so I might have a reffing up before I go away to babysit, I might not. I should be back by Friday.
Leaving the ASB forever and will not return. Take good care of my team and money.

To those interested, I'm going to reside in TPM's ASB...because I typed so.
Goodbye to you all, this forum was great
Leaving Tuesday for Washington D.C., not going to be back on Friday, so don't expect me here. Not like anyone cares anyway...
I'm just posting to say I'm back. I haven't had the chance to work on anything while I was away, so reffing may be late, but I'll be working on it any free time I get during the day.
I'm done with finals now, which means that I'll be going home...

...to where we still don't have internet. I won't have a convenient internet connection until I return to school in the last week of August. While I should still be able to update regularly, as I can work on the computer at home, I'll be *online* much less frequently.
Dragon is going to visit Hoenn from June 14-18. I'll be around for a while 'til then, but I'm busy being distracted by Mystery Dungeon..

Meaning I'm away June 14-18, and will be generally less active.

EDIT: Okay, I lied. June 15-18.
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