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The Absence Sheet

Right, so! Starting tomorrow, internet access is probably going to get tight; at the very least, I know I won't be able to ref. If I do engineer a way to get online (likely; I don't want to lose track of the BfA), it will be either on a DSi or cellphone. Don't expect too much contribution at all. Commands will be similarly difficult and won't happen unless I already know exactly what I'm doing.

I'll be gone for about a week, maybe a bit more.
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I should be back from my sporadic activity leave about the end of this/next-week ish. I'll post commands when I can, but I can't ref; school and Science Olympiad are swamping me. Spring Break is coming up for me soon, and I plan to ref full swing then. For my battles, I'd appreciate that the battlers remain patient, I've worked hard on the few reffings I've done. TruetoCheese v. Stala, though, I've fallen very behind on yours. If you guys wanted to get an e-ref, go ahead. Phantom and Rarity, I'll try and get yours up sometime this week.

Thanks so much for understanding,
So I'm back from Vancouver, but I'm not feeling so well. It'll probably be two, three weeks until I'm feeling at 100% (or at least close) again. I can't promise reffings or commands, though I'll try my best. All the same, don't expect too much.
I already said something in both of my battles, and most of you probably already figured as much given that I've gone 2+ weeks between posts, but I'm going to pop in here and make it official anyway: I'm taking a break from ASB. It's not currently a whole lot of fun for me, and I also have a lot of other stuff I need to try and keep together (other projects, last few quarters of school before graduating, etc.). I'm not leaving for good, and no you greedy moochers cannot have my pokémon or my business; I'll try my best to check in on AHBE when I can and answer questions, although if I can't even manage that then I'll see about finding someone to take over until I can come back properly.

No, I have not forgotten about the mafia game (though I'm sure at this point most of you have); I have every intention of moving forward with that. It's going to have to wait a little longer before I can get back to it and pick up where we left off. Alternatively, since so little has actually happened thus far and, again, you guys probably forgot most of it anyway, I wouldn't mind redistributing roles and starting fresh if that would be easier for you.

Zhorken and uv, I haven't forgotten your battle, either. I know you said you'd be willing to wait for me to feel up to reffing rather than get an e-ref, and I'm flattered, but it'll probably be so long before I'm properly in the mood to ref again that I think you would be better off having someone else step in. Your call, of course, but know that if you decide to keep waiting for me then it will be a heck of a wait. Sorry.

Right! So I'm not disappearing entirely and you should still see me around every now and then, but I won't be battling or reffing for a while. There you go.
So sorry to everyone but all of my reffings are gonna need e-refs.

Additionally I will be gone for ~three months. And I am so sorry about that. I'll be on when I can but I most likely never can so. Happy end of school year guys.
Whoops guys looks like I got b& from teh interwebz 4evar

Should blow over in a couple of weeks, or when I get my grades up, whichever comes first
Won't be able to get on from my 3DS until next week, probably. Just depends on how long it takes me to finish this saveless run
I'll be absent, definitely for today and tomorrow (Chinese test :( ), and possibly for upwards of a week, depending on how hard Calculus gets (Taylor series make me feel like sh*t). Sorry to those whose battles I've neglected.
HighMoon's internet has been knocked out due to unknown reasons and may take a while to fix, we're not sure yet - so she may be gone from anywhere to a few days to a few weeks, so I'm posting this for her.
whoops I am pretty much the worst person ever.

So I'm going to be gone more or less until summer :[ I hate to leave all the stuff I was responsible for hanging, but I'm basically drowning in schoolwork and any extra stress and I'll do an acrobatic fucking pirouette right off the handle.

Sorry to dump all the business stuff on you, Blazhy (again, wow) but wow I don't want to fail math. Uh, if you guys want to still use my Pokemon for BfA, you've got my permission (as long as I get them back eventually!), but I myself am out.

If you want to get in touch with me I'll probably be lurking on Tumblr or deviantArt or something. Talk about failing at focusing on schoolwork.
Be out until about the 16th. Tripped over laptop and messed my already bad knee up just enough for surgery. Be back soon.

<(") <(") <(") <(")
Due to my stepfather's particular brand of enthusiasm while landscaping the backyard, our telephone/internet wire has been severed and my internet access might be a bit spotty for a while.
Be back in about 2 weeks, prepping my ass off for SAT and AP Calculus. I'll try to get something in, though.
My apologies.
Be back in about 2 weeks, prepping my ass off for SAT and AP Calculus. I'll try to get something in, though.
My apologies.

echoing this sentiment, except with more tests. the last one I'm taking is the third monday from now, and then catch-up work will be amazing fun, so.

I'll still probably be around, just unreliably; I should still be able to get everything in that I'm supposed to, but if I abruptly vanish one to three weeks from now, this would be why.

arrangements will have been made for metronome contest concerns before then.
OKAY scratch my last post here, whenever it was. >.>

My laptop was brutally murdered, which is why I've been away. I know absolutely no one in this bloody state aside from my father, so I haven't had access to the Internet since... well, my last post.

Anyways, I bought a new one today, finally. So... this time I mean it.
Due to my stepfather's particular brand of enthusiasm while landscaping the backyard, our telephone/internet wire has been severed and my internet access might be a bit spotty for a while.
all fixed, now.
I'll be in a trip in a few days. Internet access uncertain, and it'll be for like a bit over a week.

I think I'll try to be activer once I'm back though.
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