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The Absence Sheet

I'm going to be absent for about a week, maybe a little more, depending on how things progress. I'm having computer issues big time, and it's getting harder to gain internet access. I apologize!
Back... again... but this time the absence wasn't in my own hands. What's important is that now I have internet access once again.

Huge apologies to Wargle and Windyragon. Your round will be up tomorrow if it kills me, 100% guaranteed.

Okay so I probably wont be around as much as I would like for a bit, due to two factors:

1. Mandatory 5 job applications/day for 14 days to qualify for govt. assistance
2. sucked into an offsite project, but that is taking up less time than point #1

So I will be on-and-off sporadically for pretty much everything (both ASB and RP, sadly) until the 14 days are up, and I have about 8 days to go in that time.

School, lack of inspiration, slightly down on interest, and regatta this week do not add up well. Back soon, hopefully!
aw shit whoops.

Well, I've been a lot busier than I expected this semester, so I'm trying to focus on school instead of being on the internet. To the people in the battles I'm reffing, get an e-ref if you haven't already though I'll try to stay on top of business battles. sorry sorry sorry.
I'm caught in a project that I volunteered for, so probably too busy for the next few days; maybe I'll be okay on the weekend, but please don't count on it. I'm mostly done Chief Zackrai vs. Byrus, so I'd appreciate them not searching for an e-ref, but I understand that the rest of you have already been waiting a long, long time, so I wouldn't mind if you'd rather get one for this round than wait a week or so. Your call, and, sincerely, sorry.
argh sorry

Ok, this is the first I've been able to get on a computer for more than 10 minutes as of this week. Recently, our laptop was stolen, and our home computer has been completely internet-free due to complications with our provider. So, I basically have had no decent or even somewhat consistent internet access for the past 8 days and will probably not have any until Sunday at the earliest. As far as my battles in ASB- Don't worry, I'm doing the best I can to work on them without a computer. I may still be able to post commands, but anything any longer or more detailed than this post will be extremely difficult if not impossible to post.

Thanks for understanding, and I'll be back soon.
Tornadoes ripped through here, a chance that I'll be able to get on only on weekends. If on during the week, I am sneaking on at school instead of trying to bring up my F. (That class sucks)
Smashed the door closed on my finger, still bleeding. Typing is rather painful. Won't be reffing until it stops hurting. :v
Um so. Not an absence per se but I've changed residences, as it were, and I'm now staying at a friend's house. I can't tell if this will give me more time or less for reffing but if my reffings are sporadic (not that they weren't) it's probably because I've been moving around a lot.

If Cubone and Mad MOAI want to get an e-ref, that's the only one I would understand, since I missed them on the last overhaul; otherwise, they're first, then I get cracking on the rest. I haven't forgotten about anything.
Leaving for California tomorrow, and will be back by the 20th, 21st at the latest. I don't know if I'll have free WiFi down there, and even if I do I won't be spending much time cooped up in a hotel in Los Angeles on my Dad's laptop.

Also, any participants in this battle can go and get an E-Ref. I'm not going to make you wait any longer.
Whoops, so I'm going on vacation from this Saturday to Wednesday, or March 10-13. Again, feel free to get an e-ref or something if I'm reffing your battle but I'll try to get back into it before the March Break is over.
Chance that I'll be banned from the internet forever soon

If I don't come on for a few days, you'll know what happened
Schoolwork will be taking up this week and next week. I probably won't be able to get up commands and reffings within that time frame.
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