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The Absence Sheet

I'll be mostly gone for the nineteenth through to somehere the following weekend. I'll probably have access to a computer, but that final reffing for Zhorken & Dragon will either have to come tomorrow or after I get back.
Right, so! You have probably noticed that the next day of the mafia game is taking an inordinately long time to appear, and also that Negrek vs. Byrus is taking an inordinately long time to start. And other miscellaneous irritating inordinately lonh delays, of course. I've hit one of those spots where I seriously cannot focus on anything I am supposed to be doing, and even though I don't have that much going on in ASB itself I'm feeling a little overwhelmed and like I need to drop some of my obligations (here, elsewhere, wherever, ugh) in order to... not be letting so many people down. Yeah.

ultraviolet vs. Zhorken may eventually need to get an e-ref as a result; as of this post no commands have been issued so no one needs to go jumping on it just yet, but if after Zhorken and uv post I'm still feeling worn out then I'll probably ask someone to take it off my hands for a few rounds. We'll see.

I really don't want to get an e-ref for Negrek vs. Byrus, though, since the entire reason I made that big deal out of the singing thing is because I seriously do want a chance to ref those pokémon. At the very least I do already have the calculations finished, so it's just a matter of getting to the point where I can actually get the writing out without my brain threatening to shut down. I cannot do this today due to other obligations, but if I can swing it by sometime tomorrow I will definitely try to. If you two are really really desperate for an e-ref, and if you are I don't blame you, then I guess I'm okay with someone stepping in for a few rounds until I get my head together; if you do this, tell them to PM me so I can give them the calculations I already did. No sense wasting them. But I still want to ref this! So please don't get an e-ref if you can stand waiting a little longer.

Mafia will move on to the next gameday as soon as possible after the tournament reffing; the game will definitely finish, don't worry. (Interesting side note: you guys have, however unintentionally, had the better part of a week to send actions in, and yet most of those who have actions have done nothing! Hm!)

Aaaand after the tournament battle and whatever else I end up doing with uv vs. Zhorken I'll probably have to take a break from reffing in general until I can clear other stuff off my plate.

tl;dr Kratos sucks and is sorry and is trying but it might still be a little while before something actually happens. :( aaaalso commands for the battles I'm in (even though one of them is past the DQ time for the other guy oh well) will be slow-ish for a bit, but I should still be able to get them in under DQ. It's not like I can just not destroy Asber just because I'm feeling a little apathetic about silly real life stuff, after all.
As noted in the signature, I'm back after a long period of frustration, and hopefully will be able to maintain a more typical reffing schedule. Schooling and stuff exist, but at least I HAVE WORKING INTERNET! Halle-freaking-lujah.
I'm going home for Thanksgiving, which means that I'll be without internet Thursday through Saturday. I may also not have internet Wednesday and most of Sunday, depending on whether train wi-fi is a lie or not, so if you have any burning questions about the event battle to ask, you'd best be doing it soon, because by the time I return you'll be over your DQ.
Mid-terms and college apps means that I will be logging on with decreasing frequency until December 15th. Afterwards, depending on how much I've procrastinated, I may or may not come back on more frequently until Jan. 1. After Jan. 1, everything will go back to normal.
Wrists acting up again. I may take a bit longer to ref battles. Shouldn't be long enough so that people need to call for e-refs, but just putting that out there in case.
Feeling meh-y with school and kind of tired. Gone for a week maybe; hopefully not more.

Edit: oh look tcod is a thing i don't have to feel meh about now! Back.
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My brother. Could be gone forever. If not back, get someone for the battle of asber,
Since Christmas and New Year's are coming up, I will not be able to get on from 12/24/2011 to 01/03/2012.

*Unless, by some magical means.
Sorry for being so behind on my reffings, I'm just really busy. I'll hopefully be able to catch up on them all by this weekend, and I'll probably take a break from reffing after the battles are complete.

Also, if I could get a couple of extra days to post commands in any battles I'm in, that'd be great.
Gone until Monday. Sorry about the commands I've been putting off; I'll get them together as soon as I get back.
Update--I have limited time, here, so unfortunately I'm not going to be able to get commands out for a bit. I'll be on for a little bit over the next couple of days, but I'll be preoccupied with getting people's money and items and so on sorted out for the gift exchange. Should have some reffings to put up soon, though.

I won't have internet at all over Christmas weekend, most likely; after that, we'll see.
Internet on the verge of death. Hopefully will be fixed soon; meanwhile, I don't know when I can actually come on, seeing that it sometimes spontaneously comes on and then dies again....
My activity level is going to be spotty at best for the next indeterminable time period, so if I miss something, I just can't get on.

On that note: Someone should take over for me in the Battle for ASBer.
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