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The all new "This Thread goes in reverse!"


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No, Qwilfish. A Kraken is not the birthday squid. Period. You and your religious differences >.> <.<

Now, anyone else think a mythological creature represents a holiday? If you can't, we might as well talk about something else.


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Well, look at it this way. Christians are basically Jews who don't have to go throguh as many rituals and believe in three forms of the Jew God, Sikhism is completely different from all the others (Am I right in saying it has no God?), Muslims are actually quite similar to Jews but are even more ceremonial and Buddhists are just awesome because they believe in world piece and stuff.


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Catholics have schools, like the one I go to...xP
But maybe other religions do, too, I don't know.

And I like my school, kthx.
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Catholic schools are pointless, everyone who goes to one should die, or at least that's what I think after reading the last post. I didn't think that before, but now gees!


is as graceful as an eagle without wings.
... So, you eat computers, paint lava lamps, and draw on poodles.

Anything else we need to know?