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The all new "This Thread goes in reverse!"

MMM!!! I have a new food obsession! PUDDING!! Gosh I made at least 59 3/16 bowlfulls today and MMM-MM!! It was so tasty! I even mixed a bit of Vanilla and Chocalate with plain Tapioca and the result was HEAVENLY!! I tell you, my pudding is the tastiest pudding on the puddingest face of the pudding! I just can't stop pudding talking pudding about pudding pudding! Yummy!! So delicious is pudding it is! Pudding pudding pudding pudding pudding pudding yum yum yum! :D

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I love pudding. So I decided to force feed my friend's dog a whole bunch of pudding, mainly chocolate. He certainly didn't mind. I think the dog minded, but it was sickeningly hilarious like that.


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Dude, have you seen the new cherry/banana flavoured pudding? I don't know if to enjoy or revolt oO


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Ugh, I'm so sick of butterscotch pudding. It's all I've been eating for the past two weeks! Stop talking about it!

Anyone got suggestions for other puddings I could eat?


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Whoamg, I was walking through the shopping center the other day and I saw this butterscotch pudding. It was delicious *drools*


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I have this weird thing about the word shoe shop, whenever I hear someone say 'shoe shop' I have to wave my finders about uncontrollably, it's an inner-joke that I have with my brother.


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Li3c fis 1 tim 1 wz shu sopin, w3nz 1 sw ths bg drgn ad 4 a crdin shu shp clld drgn shus. 1 rly ate drgns, nd th1z s1n wz rlly b1g. 4lms bg 3nuf 2 cv3r a c1n3ma skw33n.

(don't ever make me do that again)

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God, this topic about the religious differences of Christians, Jews, Muslims, Sikhs and Buddhists is boring. Let's talk about something else!