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The Birthday Center

There ya go

for you they're called a new pair of cyborg lens

also you still have a free Altoram Dept. Store move

y u no visit my shop
Call them what you like, you can never have too many blackglasses. (As Kusari knows.) Thank you!

And yeah, I'll spend that once I can think of something worthwhile to spend it on.

A leaf stone for Negrek. Belated happy birthday.
Cool. Thanks!

Thank you!
Hey people, tomorrow is my birthday!

I don't have much in mind, but a male Murkrow, female Misdreavus or Rotom would be nice. The authorization to buy a DW mon would be nice, too *ahemNegrek*.

Also, items, I guess.

oh and Mewtwo's heart.
Here, have an Insomnia Murkrow. You could always change the ability when it evolves, yes?

(and before you go buy a Dusk Stone I attached one to him already. Happy birthday!)
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