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The Birthday Center


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Whether you love to give birthday presents or get them, the Birthday Center is the place to be in ASB Central. Come to leave presents for your friends or claim the spoils of your own birthday celebration.

TCoD ASB Birthday Center

If you want people to know about your birthday, post in this thread to have it added to the list. You may then remind people that your birthday is approaching up to one week before it actually happens.

Gift-givers need not remove pokémon from their roster or money from their bank account until the giftee actually collects his or her presents. If he or she fails to do so within one week of his or her birthday, unless stated absent, the gifts will be returned to their previous owners. Pokémon given as gifts are sent to the recipient's computer account rather than their active squad.


Jan 1st - Eonrider
Jan 4th - Lucas755
Jan 7th - Manaphy DriftRider, Brock
Jan 12th - RK-9
Jan 16th - PichuK, Summergale
Jan 24th - Jack_the_PumpkinKing
Jan 29th - Kratos Aurion


Feb 10th - RespectTheBlade
Feb 18th - Negrek
Feb 19th - Barubu
Feb 21st - moon-panther
Feb 26th - InvaderSyl
Feb 29th - demonickittens


Mar 3rd - Patar
Mar 6th - giantnoob, Severus Snape
Mar 8th - Jason-kun
Mar 10th - RespectTheBlade, Lord of the Fireflies
Mar 12th - Arylett Dawnsborough
Mar 15th - Ruieko
Mar 28th - Mewtini
Mar 29th - Metalos


Apr 1st - sreservoir
Apr 4th - Squornshellous Beta
Apr 7th - Chiropter
Apr 9th - Skyman
Apr 11th - Derpy
Apr 13th - JolteonShock
Apr 14th - Lord Shyguy
Apr 17th - Shadow Serenity
Apr 18th - Totodile
Apr 25th - Seraph
Apr 30th - thor165


May 1st - surskitty, DarthWaffles
May 2nd - o_0, Jude
May 3rd - Darksong, Alraunne
May 4th - Mewtwo
May 8th - Zetto12
May 9th - Shining Eevee
May 12th - Bobino
May 14th - Metallica Fanboy
May 21st - Dragon
May 22nd - BlackTitress
May 23rd - EeveeSkitty, Blackthorne Steele
May 27th - Legendaryseeker99, Superbird, Greaser Lala
May 28th - Bk_Enteimon
May 30th - Blaziking 175


Jun 1st - Grass King
Jun 3rd - Athasan
Jun 5th - Blastoise 428
Jun 8th - Sweet Silver Nightmare
Jun 14th - Li'l Dwagie, Coroxn
Jun 16th - Full Metal Cookies
Jun 20th - Rossymore
Jun 22nd - Heavy Lobster
Jun 23rd - I liek Squirtles
Jun 27th - Zephyrous Castform
Jun 30th - ultraviolet


Jul 1st - Kammington
Jul 2nd - Astral
Jul 7th - Pwnemon
Jul 11th - NegativeVibe
Jul 13th - Crystallic_Shadow
Jul 14th - mumei_tensei
Jul 19th - shadow_lugia
Jul 20th - Espeon
Jul 21st - Leafstorm
Jul 22nd - Mendatt
Jul 26th - Ayra Calaenlen
Jul 28th - Ketsu, Pathos


Aug 6th - The Omskivar
Aug 12th - Pichu Chris
Aug 16th - Zhorken
Aug 17th - Psymon
Aug 21st - Skylark
Aug 26th - Flora and Ashes
Aug 28th - Zora of Termina
Aug 30th - EvilCrazyMonkey
Aug 31st - The Meme


Sep 3rd - Wyvern
Sep 9th - blazheirio889
Sep 10th - OrngSumb, Walker
Sep 11th - Magikarp, The Friendly Mushroom
Sep 14th - Keta
Sep 17th - Shadowstar
Sep 20th - Kusarigamaitachi


Oct 2nd - SomeGuy
Oct 5th - Teacher9985
Oct 7th - RandomTyphoon
Oct 15th - Cypher
Oct 29th - Icalasari


Nov 3rd - turbler, Spoink89
Nov 5th - Mai
Nov 10th - MurrMurr
Nov 13th - Eon Spirit
Nov 16th - Minnow, Chief Zackrai
Nov 26th - Twiggy for Victory
Nov 28th - Animorph
Nov 30th - Clover, Phantom


Dec 1st - Flareth
Dec 3rd - Zapi
Dec 5th - Black Yoshi 99
Dec 7th - Mike the Foxhog
Dec 9th - Timeline4All
Dec 12th - Flareon
Dec 14th - Chewy the Crispy Crunch
Dec 16th - Vaporeon, The3FightingDragons, Rizadon
Dec 17th - Munchkin
Dec 21st - Involuntary Twitch, Jewel Espeon
Dec 28th - Aethelstan​
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