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The Clue Game

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What is 7? I'm stuck on it... (spoiler)i know it has to do with the little bump on charizards nose, I can't figure out what the answer is, though
You're very close. Look on the site.

EDIT: I was stuck on 26. Now I restarted and am stuck on 24. Hints for both?
I know where to look for 26, but WHAT IS IT?

OH! And for 25, I've tried
Chansey, Magmar, Electabuzz and Roselia. Did I miss anything?
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I'm still stuck at Number 3.

Clue 3: A Friend in Deed
Who ever had a greater friend
than the Internet itself?
7565 people have gotten this far...

I've been stuck here for months!
Can anyone help me with Clue 30? Does it have anything to do with
shiny Pokemon animations? Is it a query string?

Sorry for the outburst. Let me explain.

I have combed through every page in this thread for Clue 26 hints. I have found many. They have all made me figure out the subject of the answer, but not the answer itself. I NEED HELP! I don't care if the clues you give me are blatantly obvious, I don't mind, in fact I'd prefer it. I'm at the point where, if the answer was a pokemon, I would be willing to start with Bulbasaur and type in every single pokemon.

PLEASE! Hints to #26! I will acknowledge you as a deity if you help me get the answer!

Please help:sad:
You know the Old Updates? You know Butterfree has a new year's tradition? And you know it asks for the 'last mention'? Put them together.

Clue 30 anyone?
OMG thank you Squor ... Squornsh ... Squornshell... Mr. Beta. [bows down].

Now for 28...

EDIT: Make that 29

EDIT: YAY! On number 30, now need help with that.
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Help with 21? It is eating my brain!!:angry:

EDIT: Nevermind, my younger brother got it on his first try. T.T SO! Any help with number 23 is now greatly appreciated! :D
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Think here. The clue implies that it's very goopy... know any Pokemon that fit that description?

Hmm...could it be Grimer or Muk? I guess they're the only ones I can think of that are goopy. Other than that I can't think of anything else.

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