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The "Fwee" Thread

Off to church camp! Five days at a college learning about the bible and bonding with the other guys and making great memories.
And our half time show is video games this year and the music sounds awesome!
Plus I bought some music from bandcamp.com that I listen to a lot and got it ported to my phone so now I don't have to deal with data limits and buffering.
My custom C-Gear skin actually works!
Now I've got a little Grimsley on the lower screen instead of boring black nothingness :D
Oh my god, my friend just showed me Pokémon: Generations. I've been playing it for the last three hours. Considering how small the game is... That's a bit ridiculous. AND HONESTLY, I don't care, because it's amazing.

I asked my friend why I hadn't heard of the game before and he shrugged and said, "Cause you're stupid?" and I pretty much agreed. EXCITEMENT.
After spreading mulch for seven hours in 90-degree heat I get to
come home
sit on the porch
blast The Cat Empire
eat sandwich cookies
drink Hawaiian Punch
and relax

and it feels f*cking amazeballs

All my time has been sucked into it, now being doubled even because I can play it on the Wii U's Gasmepad when TV is being used.

So much... SO, SO much...

Which is all worth it!

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