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The "Fwee" Thread

So I downloaded Come On Eileen by Dexys Midnight Runners, and I am like addicted to listening to it.

Also watched Perks of Being a Wallflower and that was an excellent movie. Wish I had read the book.
I think I'm going to enjoy my year here in the US.

I used to always complain about me being useless because whenever I was not doing homework, I'd be doing nothing at all just refreshing the same websites over and over again. I've only been here just over a week and I already don't have enough time to do everything! I mean I did some homework and then tried to train my Pokémon for a battle which has never happened before because I never knew anyone back home who would organise Pokémon battles, and then went to a Doctor Who marathon and maybe I've just never socialised with the right groups of people before but I swear today was the first time I've come across people who like Stargate, Star Trek, My Little Pony, Minecraft and Zelda etc IRL.
I know Pokémon and Doctor Who aren't exactly not useless but socialising about them is less useless than checking Twitter every five seconds!
Stumbled across my reaction to the Wii Fit Trainer being a Brawler from a while back.

i heard a song that they cut from spring awakening and couldn't stop laughing for TEN MINUTES

(it's a serious musical which almost included a song entitled GREAT SEX. GEEZ GUYS.)
I am doing homeworks and stuff, and I am listening to music, and I just discovered I have Rock Lobster on my iPod XD I had no idea but this is making me laugh really hard!

And also I can't stop thinking about BEARDS! XD
My girlfriend is the most adorable thing ever, evidenced by her above post XD

(She's also way too tired to think straight, that's why she's being such a strangeo right now)

Buuuuuut I still totally love her anyway <3
It turns out that the exam I'm doing will enable me to skip Foundation Maths at GCSE. And if I pass my Higher at Year 10, I'll have a year without worrying about exams!
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