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The "Fwee" Thread

Games are so much more fun when you don't look online for walkthroughs.

Looking for all of the hidden grottoes in White 2 must be how it felt for people looking for the dungeons in the original Zelda.
I discovered today that there are actual honest people on the GTS! Shocking, I know.
I was looking for a foreign Meditite and there was a Japanese one with the message "5IV" but I assumed it was just bullshit like usual. They were asking for any random Spheal in return, though, so I caught one and got the Meditite.
Much to my surprise, it actually had perfect IVs in all stats except HP.
Thanks, random japanese person! :D
Got some tax refund monies today, guess who's downloading Pokemon X and AA5 afterwards? :D :D

(also @VM: yeah T&T was pretty intense :O )
I forgot how good songs Just Be Friends and Two-Faced Lovers are.

Guess I need to stop skipping over older songs on my iPod.
Got a protean Froakie on wonder trade with a good nature and decent IVs. Pretty neat. I only gave them a Pupitar with a bold nature in return though. Kinda regretting not giving it pokerus at least. (I usually do pokerus all my trades beforehand, but I got lazy on that one)
show was great, i almost fell over laughing numerous times. i can see where the "popular demand" came from. (i'm hella glad that we...premiered it? i'm pretty sure we actually premiered it because we did it in '06 and it was published in '07 fuck yeah)

also my classmates are cute and the freshmen are cute oh no
Yay, my parents went out to lunch for their 15th anniversary so I get to sit my ass in front of a computer for like three hours longer than usual

unhealthy for the win
So earlier today I spent two hours looking for sources for my histology paper with almost no luck. Then this evening I managed to find everything I needed with almost no problems. Hopefully I'll be able to motivated myself to write a good portion of it tomorrow morning.

Also I had my last exam in that class before finals, and I think I did well.
i have an audition tonight and for the first time in a LONG time

i think i can get this part.

i mean literally everywhere i go the conversation goes like this

Me: ...Yeah, since I'm perpetually fourteen-
Me: ...OKAY

i mean tbh i don't necessarily think i look like her but a LOT of people do think so and my advisor's convinced i can do it

and i've toyed with her character in my monologue last year

i can do this guys

i won't be overly disappointed if i don't get a callback at least but i can do it.
I was able to say that I liked what I saw in the mirror today. First time in oh so long.
I guess I'm one year older again.
The way the new pokemon games wished me happy birthday was pretty adorable :3

EDIT: yooooooo found a shiny Boldore after hours of looking! ahhhh it's so fabulous
EDIT#2: and today I found a shiny Illumise in one of my berry trees! First proper random encounter shiny this gen! <3
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