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The "Fwee" Thread

i had my voice jury last night and i thought i wasn't as good as i usually am

got an email from my advisor/THE HEAD OF THE FUCKING PERFORMING ARTS DIVISION telling me how wonderful I did

i just

Sort of forgot this place existed, whoopsie.

Well, I might as well stick around.

Got an apartment now, moving in June... all on my own/with the girlfriend. Should be great.
I JUST FOUND OUT THAT THE COLLEGE I'M GOING TO HAS FENCING. And the best part is that "no previous experience or equipment needed – beginners welcome"

So basically I'm going to get thrashed for a year or two before I finally get a grip on how it works, I think. That's kinda how this stuff usually works, right? YAAAAAY
my self-esteem has apparently reached a point where i can think (or at least have the idea flickering in the back of my mind) that people are romantically interested in me

hooray that took ages


okay so regardless of the relative un-success of my sorta-subtle flirtations and his insistence on ~subtlety~ to the the point of a) my being confused and b) NOTHING EVER COMING OF IT (assuming anything would and I am, in fact, reading it correctly)

i've come to the conclusion that despite the headaches and heartaches I got from it, I'm pretty glad this whole crush thing happened.

Because nothing that happened this semester would have had the same impact if not for it. I mean, it would've been nice, but I wouldn't have been so happy.

Which is, in and of itself, a weird thing to say about a crush that (unless something incredibly drastic happens) nothing developed from.

But hey. You learn something from every crush, and this one told me that people can like me. Or at least care about me a hell of a lot.

And I guess at some point I matured enough to realize that.

(For those wondering the earlier crush's lesson was "sometimes people don't like you back but that's okay because they can still make you really damn happy)
took my crush to my JROTC dance last night, we held hand som the way home. great night. also friday was awarded the Bronze Distinguished Citizen medal on behalf of the United States Marine Corps. what a great feeling.
It's May 12th. I have the day off school because of weather. I have a snow day when there are only two weeks left of school.

I should be angry that it's as cold as it is, but... Nah.
So I just found out that the arena of the university I'll be going to sometimes does concerts, and that Bastille is performing there this october! So I'm probably going to get to see them in concert!!! :D
Just hatched a shiny Swinub :o
And it's 5 IV!

Unfortunately the imperfect IV is attack and its nature also reduces attack :(
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So apparently rom decryptors found a new music file in X and Y's code and it sounds amazing. Even if it's completely fake, it lifted me out of a bad mood today, so that's great!

Also, done with AP Calc! Only got the SL Spanish IB test left.
god if there's onE THING I'M HAPPY ABOUT MY TWELVE-YEAR-OLD!SELF FOR it's coming up with a roleplay that kinda takes a cliche idea and mutates it into something relatively cool

even seven/almost-eight years later it's still one of the coolest things i've come up with

and in the seven-almost-eight years since i came up with it i also devised ways to refine it into something Remotely Serious that I'm actually trying to make an Actual Fic.


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