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The "Fwee" Thread

Alright so I just had a mind blowing experience with the titles of the seasons of Korra. Air, Spirits, Change, Balance. That's like a sentence. Air spirits change balance. As in the whole return of the Air Nation changing the balance.

And I don't care how intentional it was, cause I think it's flippin sweet no matter what and it just makes me feel good.

Are there four seasons already? I haven't even finished Season 2.
The Center for Students with Disabilities called me out of the blue (I have ADD, I visited them a year ago only to find out that to get the Adderall prescription I wanted, I needed to go to the Health Center) last week and wanted to set up an appointment (because I never went back). I went in today, and we investigated my GPA (I find it better to humor everyone always).

Rewind to last year. Second semester I took a Perceptional Psych class online, which I never should have done because I can't keep track of online things at all, I already failed an online-quiz-heavy GenEd once and I should have known better. I predictably did very little, realized at the end of the semester that because I did very little, even getting 100% on the final wouldn't save me from failing. I studied not at all and winged it and never bothered to research my grade.

In the meantime I decided that Psychology was a hell of a lot of work for a minor. I had originally had it as my major but didn't love the subject matter enough to deal with the workload, so I bumped it to a minor and in July I started mulling over the idea of a Theater minor.

I got a D.

Perusing my transcript I discovered that somehow, some way, I passed the class, which is a fucking miracle. Now I just have to figure out if I still want the Psych minor
Gen 5 music is making me gush about gen 5.

The worst part about this forums being inactive: I have fewer opportunities to gush about gen 5.
Hatched a shiny Nidoran M yesterday, had wrong ability, so I kept breeding them. Hatched a shiny Nidoran F just now with the hidden ability and good enough IVs (4 perfect ones, missing attack and speed but I never needed those anyway) ugh yes thanks RNG gods *u*

Hell, I think I'm going to continue breeding these in hopes of getting a HA male, too :O
haven't posted in a while but i'm happy to say i'm much better off than i was a couple months ago, barring the physics test that i (and everyone else) failed. hope everyone here is the same. (:
Feeling a bit less lonely this weekend cause I went ice skating with a friend yesterday and watched a movie with another friend today ^-^
Just found out that the Great British Bake-Off masterclass episodes are on iPlayer for around a whole month! Now I don't have to rush to watch them. :D
Homestuck! (I haven't been able to get through to the actual update yet, but THERE IS AN UPDATE!)

Edit: An update which now seems to have vanished! But. It was there! It will be there again!
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a classmate came up to me today and was all "hey would you mind doing a reading for my directing scene i'm not sure when said reading will be but you're like perfect for this one character"

so there's that and i'm excited
I tried the X/Y cloning glitch with a friend (the one that uses trading), and managed to clone a bunch of rare Pokémon. Now all my friends have 6 IV dittos. ^_^

Also, I met a guy in the game room who is a pretty serious competitive battler - much more so than me. We battled, and even though he should have beat me easily, my Garchomp managed to pull through and sweep his whole team. It was a pretty awesome moment.
So feel excellent because I found a rather new and accessorized iPad under my seat in Anthropology. It had a name and a major engraved on it, but no contact information, so I took it the main office for the department and returned it. +5 Paragon \o/
apparently the way i act around my crush is cute

i don't know why this makes me happy but it does
I tried the X/Y cloning glitch with a friend (the one that uses trading), and managed to clone a bunch of rare Pokémon. Now all my friends have 6 IV dittos. ^_^

Ahaha, you wouldn't happen to have any going spare would you? :x

Today I worked from 8.30am and finished working at 10pm! I am so glad today is over...
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