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The "Fwee" Thread

Vipera Magnifica

Aquatic Artiste
I have officially 100% completed Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon.

Took less than 110 hours. It's super fulfilling and it's a fantastic game.
I just did this myself. With all Pokémon recruited, treasures obtained, and dungeons explored, it took a little over 100 hours to complete. Worth it.


Docking Station
Went on a snowmobile ride tonight, was pretty fun! Hit a jump and the sleds shut off as soon as I hit the ground, and only got stuck once. Probably got up to 60-70 mph at some points, couldn't tell because the meters were frosted over. All in all 10/10 ride would go again!


Speaking of 100%ing games, I just finished off Master Quest tonight. Super challenging dungeons. The Spirit Temple in particular started to get frustrating once I had spent over three hours on it, but I'm glad I managed to get through it.


local hellion
Valentine's Day was really nice and the girl who suggested the restaurant is an angel because holy shit everything was really good

Zero Moment

Vinyl Scratch
Holy fucknuckles today I accidentally figured out how to roll my R's.
I'm not very good at it yet but it's a thing that's happening!

Lady Grimdour

Probably shouldn't be here.
Holy fucknuckles today I accidentally figured out how to roll my R's.
I'm not very good at it yet but it's a thing that's happening!
Fuckyeah! I suggest some good tongue twisters. And just keep doing it, like Sharpay in HSM.

...christ I just referenced HSM.

Anyway, happy thing. Hm... I'm just in a really good mood despite not having slept for 25 hours. OH I CAN DRAW GOOD. See: signature.


local hellion
I had to cover for a dancer during our senior show designer run for a couple of the teachers and I did pretty well for being nervous and having learned some blocking ten minutes prior


guess which tcod nerd is coming to visit me over spring break!!!

i'll give you a hint the name begins with v and ends with ipera magnifica


has a BONE to pick with you
One of my (irl) friends finally had an operation to fix some heart problems she'd been plagued with for an uncomfortably long time (the docs kept claiming they were caused by anxiety or something in the beginning so it took a long time to properly diagnose)! She said she's already feeling so much better and I'm so damn glad for her! :3

The Omskivar

chah, dude
We're doing Midsummer for the spring show, and I was cast last semester which is great in and of itself. But it's so much better than that.

My professor isn't directing, she's assistant directing. Our director's name is Lenny and he owns an off-Broadway theater in New York. He took a chainsaw or two to the Shakespeare script and when he was finished, he had the Titan Cut, also referred to as Who's Your Bottom?. There are nine tracks for nine actors, which encompass all of the characters (minus Philostrate) in pairs, the exceptions being Puck and Bottom, who do not double. Theseus and Oberon are played by the same actor, as are Hermia and Snug, Peter Quince and Egeus, etc. The REAL gimmick here is that each of the actors (minus Puck, who is doing this for his senior project) must memorize the entire condensed cut of the show, and before each performance, Puck will walk a hat around the audience and they will decide which part is played by which actor.

This is such a fantastic opportunity for me, this is networking in New York (off-Broadway!), this is a huge challenge as well as my first Shakespeare (or even classical) undertaking, and this is only the third time the Titan Cut has ever been performed (the other two being at the New York theater). Memorizing everything is a huge pain in my ass but it hurts so good I should have said neck

Also hey TCoD, I'm back!


pyew pyew pyew
I've recovered from a throat infection! Now I can swallow without feeling like I've just been garroted! :grin: