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The "Fwee" Thread

My Language Arts teacher let me do an argumentative essay on why an article we received for a notebook entry is actually secretly robot propaganda.

Life is good.
Sorry for double posting, but I literally found a 20 dollar bill on the side of the road on my way back from the bus stop back home.
i got breath of the wild for the Switch and it's so goooood
Like when i found out that you can train your own horse and that you can use a weapon other than a sword and that you can throw your weapons and aaaaagh i love it
Managed to get into a super exclusive high school that only takes 84 kids from 11 high schools around the county!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDD
i got afterbirth+ for the Switch and i got a bunch of stickers and i love it and it also so happens to be so good aaagh
I just got a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller for my birthday!

Awesome! I want to get one someday too that system seems like fun^^

Hey what games did you get with it? :D

OH and happy birthday^^ your birthday being the day after my dog's is really epic XD lets keep it a happy one, now, though! (yeah avoid negative topics around me as i am rather sensitive lol)(hense why i haven't been on here in a reaaaally long time lol)
omg i'm at the mall and they have a Sweet USA stand with 52 different kinds of candy and I got a bunch of chocolate covered gummy bears and licorice laces and i spent ten bucks there and this mall is my new favorite place
yesterday I went to a party (it wound up being just me, my boyfriend and the friend hosting, though we did jokingly harass other people for not coming haha) and we talked about life (and I got some reassurance that some of the bullshit from last year was, in fact, bullshit)

and for reference I had a huge crush on this friend for a year and a half; I'm over it now, he's more like a big brother to me now (which is great because I only have ladies in the family other than my dad hahaha), but there was a long time where my friends were being (overall enjoyable) assholes about it

so anyway i actually brought up the whole crush thing - i had genuinely no idea whether he knew or not, though i was leaning towards "nope" - and he mentioned not really being surprised but ALSO kinda implied it was reciprocated.

which is v interesting
Finally got started on HRT and moving out, its about time things started to come together lol
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