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The "Fwee" Thread


local hellion
Emeric and I went to the movies today, but he was on the phone with me before he got to my house and I got to hear him squealing over the deer that were crossing the road

I picked well


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I'm actually kind of excited for Sun and Moon. I haven't been really looking forward for anything in quite some time lol
I got a fluffy bundle of happiness!
His name is Storm, and he likes carrots, naps, and long walks in his tube!
EDIT: tried to post a picture.
Didn't work.
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Goddess of Death
Just noticed most of the assignments in my current information science class are amazingly fun. We get to watch video lectures at home and then write essays that are only TWO pages long?!

...Not to mention all the new stuff I'm learning~ Apparently the Library of Alexandria held 700,000 papyrus scrolls before it was destroyed - that's more than most modern libraries hold books!


has a BONE to pick with you
Caught my first shiny 'mon in Moon, a female Salandit !!! Arceus bless call chaining and my Cute Charmer Sylveon aaahhhhhh ;u;

EDIT: caught my second one today! Was absentmindedly soft-resetting for the Wimpod on route 8 to pass the time (I was going to go chain Dewpiders since it's impossible to chain Wimpods but it was nighttime in Moon) and whoops, it's a shiny. Got an awful nature and terrible IVs but hot damn it looks so good. ilu lil wimp you'll do just fine in my ingame team C:
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