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The "Fwee" Thread

I'm back from my week at a Boy Scout summer camp, and it was SO MUCH FUN. There was so much to do there, and it was all a blast, man. It was my 3rd year going, and it has always been a great experience for me. But honestly, it's also great to get back home so i can sit in my room under the covers in the dark on my phone to see your family and get back to usual as well. Anyway, I'm in a pretty great mood right now.
sorry for double posting but it's needed

Hearing my anthem being played at the Olympic was an almost religious experience. I am so proud of Mónica Puig and I so hope she can continue her amazing career, raising Puerto Rico's flag high!
I have joined the modern gaming world and now have a 3DS :D They were sold out of X and Y, so I bought Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, because I've never played it on N64 and why not!

And it is glorious.
Sometimes I have like this terrible perception of whether or not people genuinely enjoy my presence in their lives

And then I go to a grad party for someone I never quite considered a friend but I do really like as a person and she's SO EXCITED TO SEE ME and I realize that I'm really underselling how many people actually do like me
People are giving me compliments and drawing me art and aahhhhhhh I'm on such an emotional high.

FUCKING MEMEUFACTURING complimented me, this just feels like an out of body experience.
So, I'm on this site called PokeHeroes, which you may have already known through my signature. Anyway, on there, theres a Poke Radar item you can get, which basically does what it does in-game, which allows you to chain pokemon for a higher percentage of finding a shiny. The only problem is it costs a pretty high amount of in-game money. I had gotten a lot, but I was still just halfway there, so I made a feed about it.

Now, theres a user on there that I had known from another Pokemon site (not this one), and we knew each others usernames and all, but we had never really interacted much in the past, and I didn't know her all that well. But shortly after making that feed, I saw that that user had donated the other half of the in-game money that I needed to buy the Poke Radar from her own funds! I was really pleasantly shocked by this, and when I thanked her for it, she said that she was just glad to help out, which really made my day! Sorry bout the long post, but the moral in all this is never, EVER judge a book by its cover!
A few months back my dad texted me saying "yeah we used your Disney account to reserve stuff for a trip we're taking with our friends, don't get excited if you look at it"

So yesterday during work (we work in the same place, albeit different parts of that business hahaha) my dad was like "I asked your boss if you could take off next week, and he said yes, do you want to go to Disney"


I AM SO EXCITED also I need to make a Pokemon trainer costume in a week
Yesterday, me and my band class got to go to the local high school (I'm in my last year of middle school) for half the day to play with the high school bands! It was an awesome experience to do that; I really felt challenged by the music, and it was a great learning experience for me! Plus a day where you get to skip half the school day to play in band is a pretty great day in my book :)
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