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The Most Hated Pokemon Ever

Round 1!

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Karkat Vantas

Virile God-Snake Tower of Masculinity
This is a competition to secure the title of "WORLD'S MOST HATED POKEMON".

How does this work?

1. Suggest Pokemon that you hate.
2. A series of polls will go up, pitting the Pokemon against each other.
3. Eventually, one winner will be chosen as the most annoying Pokemon ever.

So, submit. I'm aiming for... 32? That should be good.

I've added some Pokemon I hate to the list. Submit your least favorite.

1. Phione (Most unnecessary legendary EVER.)
2. Tentacool (They're so damn annoying...)
3. Zubat (Same reason as Tentacool.)
4. Pikachu (Less because of Pika himself, but more because of the damn overexposure he gets.)
5. Bidoof (They're everywhere!)
6. Charizard (Overrated)
7. Jynx (Ugly!)
8. Pichu (Ugly again)
9. Clefairy (Annoying)
10. Azurill (Dumb, weak, smaller version of dumb, weak, small Pokemon)
11. Lickilicky (unnecessary, poorly done evolution)
12. Mudkip (the meme killed it)
13. Ariados (Stop falling on me!)
14. Geodude (Duuur)
15. Magikarp (useless, useless, useless)
16. Cleffa
17. Igglybuff
18. Ralts
19. Togepi
20. Skitty
22. Purugly (The name sums it up well)
23. Snubbull (It isn't cute.)
24. Heracross
25. Dunsparce
26. Mr. Mime
27. Lumineon
28. Kricketune
29. Bibarel
30. Probopass
31. Weedle
32. Muk

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I've done something like this for the last two years, except that it's about the favorite Pokemon here, and called the Pokemon World Cup. I couldn't do it this year because of TCOD Survivor.

Charizard (Every 6-year-old's favorite Pokemon! [sarcasm]Hooray![/sarcasm])
Jynx (Shockingly ugly.)
Pichu (Ugly, and damn near impossible to get into the National Dex in D/P if you forgot which trainer had it [like me].)
Clefairy (Annoying. Supposed to be "cute" but isn't really...)
Azurill (Why do they need to make a smaller, weaker, dumber-looking version of something that's already small, weak, and dumb-looking?)
Lickilicky (Worst "new evolution of old Pokémon" ever, and an insult to the greatness that is Lickitung)
You know, Clefairy was supposed to be Ash's first Pokemon. Makes sense.

Also explains why there are so many wannabes of it.

I kinda disagree with Azurill, but I'll add it.

Added everything.
I can't believe no one said magikarp yet. And ralts. It doesn't even learn an attack until level five. I also dislike togepi and skitty.
"Unnecessary evolution" doesn't really cover my feelings on Lickilicky. It makes me think of those "I don't ever want (favorite non-evolving Pokémon) to evolve!" people. A good Lickitung evolution would be great--but Lickilicky is a terrible Lickitung evolution...

Also, Cleffa and Igglybuff. They make too many baby forms for Pokémon that were small and weak and babyish enough to pop out of eggs already.
Tentacool's already on the list.

Added your entries.

Snubbull isn't supposed to be cute. Bulldogs are rarely cute.
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