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The Shining Eevee has Returned!

S. E.

I'm a crow, don't'cha know?
Hi, guys. Even though I've signed up as Shining Eevee, I would still like to be called Shiny Eevee. Or Shiny, or Eevee-chan/-san/-kun/-whatever. SE's fine too, seeing as it's the abbreviation of both.

Well, it looks like this post will be longer than my old introduction post.

Either way, I'm overjoyed the forums are back, hackless or not. This is practically my life.

Also, Shiny Eevee's PokeMorph's will be up as soon as... Seth: "AS SOON AS YOU REBUILD MY HOME(My Signature)!!!" Okay, okay. I'll rebuild my signature first.

Well, I will finally get to hear Castform's song.

EDIT: The header won't go away... ><


Welcome back Shining Shiny Eevee! If the header doesn't go away, just post some more. I never created a "Hello I am new here" thread, and mine still went away.

Good luck rebuilding your PokéMorph's.

~(Lunar) Espeon


Actually more of a harmour fan
Hello, Shiny Eevee. My name is Metallic Deoxys, master of metallic Pokemon. If Castform doesn't come, I can sing you the song. *deep breath*

Anyway, welcome to TCoD. Metallic Deoxys out! :D


Back in action!
Hi again, Shiny Eevee! I love meeting old people on new forums! I hope we get to do lots of stuff that we did two weeks ago! ^^
Actually, I haven't really been counting how long it's bene since the forums were down...

Kai Lucifer

A traveller on the winds of time
WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN! I've been looking all over the Internet for you, my friend! It's been a weeks time and I'm glad to be back!

I wonder when Castform will get here, on a side note...