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What Games Are You Playing?

I tried the demo for it, and didn't like it too much. Is it better when you get farther into it?

the demo gives a pretty good taste of what the game has to offer, so if you didn't like the demo, you probably won't like the full game.

it's essentially the Final Fantasy V remake we all deserve; same job system, characters echo the personalities of a lot of FFV characters, and the general story/premises is practically the same, only that you want to take advantage of defending in order to gain extra actions each turn in battle. also doesn't waste that much time on exposition, which is nice
Been re-playing Pokemon Emerald recently, but i'm at a halt right now because I'm SR'ing for a shiny Raquaza. Unfortunately, as I read more into Emerald's broken RNG, it seems ever more difficult.
Just bought Ni No Kuni (and for $20, too. The best part about the PS4 coming out is how cheap PS3 games are) and it probably has my favorite combat system of any RPG ever.
back on my new game+ for Tales of Xillia 2, trying to finish it again before Symphonia HD comes out next week, and picked up Toukiden for the Vita, which is pretty nice if you're a fan of Monster Hunter or God Eater
Just beat Super Mario Bros. U! It's actually the most challenging Mario they've done in quite some time, I really enjoyed it.
I played Sonic Adventure 2 Battle last week. It was my first time playing it in a very long time and also my first time beating the final episode. It's always been one of my favorite games ever but I think I like it even more now.

Right now I've borrowed my roommate's Wii U to play Wind Waker HD. I've never played this game before and I love it so far. The dungeons seem like some of the best in the Zelda franchise.
Tales of Symphonia Chronicles; glorious 1080p for my favorite gamecube game, and i nabbed Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze on tuesday as well

got two weeks for Dark Souls 2 and Yoshi's New Island, can't wait!
beat Dream Drop Distance aaaaages ago and was as angry at the villains as I anticipated.

I kinda wanna do a critical mode run? but i also would probably die. a lot.
I started Bioshock Infinite yesterday!
I played the first two games during the last few weeks and loved the creepy underwater atmosphere. The twist in the first game had been spoiled to me beforehand, but it was still fascinating.

Infinite seems really cool already (and runs surprisingly well on my laptop). I kind of miss Insect Swarm though (BEEES), but I guess the crows work too. I like unleashing hordes of angry animals upon my enemies :D
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