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What originally drew you into Pokemon?

What was the first Pokemon production you bought/ wached?

  • Video Games

    Votes: 36 33.3%
  • Anime

    Votes: 32 29.6%
  • TCG

    Votes: 18 16.7%
  • Don't remember

    Votes: 8 7.4%
  • Other

    Votes: 14 13.0%

  • Total voters


New member
I first got into Pokemon when it was absolutely huge and there was Pokemon everything everywhere. I can't remember what part of the franchise drew me in, but it was probably either the anime or the video games.


Egahds, I've been gone a long while!
Cards/PKMN Gold, which I basically completed for my brother.

I've come a long way since.


New member
I was at my grandmothers house and my cousins decided to watch the Pokemon anime so I joined in with them. It was also the "Mystery at the Lighthouse" episode. Later I got Yellow and kept getting games from there. =B


New member
I remember a friend let me borrow his yellow when I gave it back many years later I got pearl. And that was how it began.


Our primary school went through a series of "crazes" and if you liked the current craze you were in with the majority so. Unlike the rest of the crazes that came through my old school, Pokémon was one that I continued to like, even after it had died down as a trend.


New member
It was shortly after my...10th birthday I think. My mom took me to K-Mart to pick out a gift. I saw Sapphire's boxart, bought the game, and have been a fan ever since.


I got pokemon Emerald for my birthday one year, and didn't particularily like it. I kept starting new games, choosing Mudkips, losing against the elite four. Then one day, as I was starting a new game, I noticed something different about my Mudkip. It was female. Not trying to be sexist or anything, but we won a lot of battles and eventually beat the elite four. Then...I have been obsessed with pokemon ever since. That you Bluey...may you rest in peace in the hall of games that got deleted while i was no where nearby to prevent it ;_; Oh Well, she has been reincarnated in my most recent Emerald team and is now level 44...100 soon...as a tribute to Bluey...


Will be online more, I swearz!
It all started one Christmas morning for me. I was what, three or four, I think? Anyway, I was unwrapping my presents, and one was a Pokemon figure. Like the plastic ones. It was a Squirtle. I took Squirtle everywhere I went, I remember taking him to the beach once and putting sunblock on him. Ah, memories... I still have Squirtle.


Quick Little Munchkins...
I started when silver and gold had only recently come out, and I got silver for my birthday. Of course, I tried it out, and I was bored out of my mind. There was only one pokemon I liked. Chikorita. I was going to quit when I got to Goldenrod. I got an Eevee. I named it Eos. And I kept going. It evolved into an Espeon when I was on the way to the league. I still miss it...


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I started when silver and gold had only recently come out, and I got silver for my birthday.
The same with me, except I loved the game and played it non-stop for 4 hours straight per day. I wasn't very good at it, but eventually I beat it, and in the process I fell in love with any pokemon resembling an animal in the dog family (i.e. Ninetales, Arcanine, and Flareon).


I watched the 2nd episode of the anime when I was in preschool. Looking back, it could have easily been when the second episode premiered(I remember giving the date as 1998 around the same time), which is kinda cool.

I didn't go from just liking Pokemon to a complete Pokenerd until I was around 12, when I got LeafGrean and discovered the internet had more than just Neopets.


Also known as Hyozanryu
When I was 3, I went to a friend's Pokemon-themed birthday. We all rushed for the cake toppers, the Kanto starters, and I grabbed Charmander. From that point on my obsession gradually grew, going from my own Pokemon birthday to plushies and the anime and movies, until on my 9th birthday I got a GBA SP, R/S Pinball (which I played first), and Sapphire. I've been hooked ever since.


I love girly things :)
The cuteness, actually xD

Its funny how I like got so into the battles later on after pretty much.

I'd talk about it more but i duno if i should or not o.o;

It seems entertaining to post around here right now though.


回り続ける 歯車には成り下がらない
she, they
My friend had Ruby growing up and let me play it a few times. I thought it was cool, but I didn't really get into it until White, when I got a copy for myself and became completely obsessed.


Pokémon Trainer Melanie
My dad is an upholsterer. In 1999, he was working at some sort of furniture place, and a Game Boy Pocket fell out of the couch he was working on. My dad asked if he could take it home to his daughter. They said yes. It happened to have Blue Version in it.

That was literally how I got into Pokémon. xD I didn't get mega into it until 2003, though, right around when R/S were coming out (didn't get a Hoenn game until Christmas 2005, though). Then, in 2004, I discovered TCoD and the other amazing fan sites that existed back then (RIP Mew's Hangout). That was what really got me obsessed with Pokémon.


has anyone seen my sanity
Pokémon was all the rage when I was in kindergarten. It was the height of the 90s (1998-1999) and I believe a friend in my class recommended the anime to me. So I began watching it, and was hooked. The Pokémon world as seen through the anime was, and still is, one that I'd love to live in.

I didn't even start playing the video games until I was 11 or 12. I can't remember exactly why I didn't start playing before that, but I believe it's because I didn't know they existed. I wasn't allowed to game very much growing up, just a little bit on weekends, but I eventually got a GBA with Sapphire at around age 11, and quickly grew to love the games. Around 2010, towards the end of high school, was when I began getting involved in Pokémon fansites, mainly through the lenses of fanfiction and fan art. I had gotten in trouble before for "talking to weirdos on the internet" so I pretty much always posted furtively, from my phone. I eventually moved to posting on my computer in college, and that made things way easier lol.

I rarely, if ever, lose interest in things. So I've been involved in the fandom ever since.