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What originally drew you into Pokemon?

What was the first Pokemon production you bought/ wached?

  • Video Games

    Votes: 36 33.3%
  • Anime

    Votes: 32 29.6%
  • TCG

    Votes: 18 16.7%
  • Don't remember

    Votes: 8 7.4%
  • Other

    Votes: 14 13.0%

  • Total voters


Warning: May contain nuts

If I remember correctly (which I probably don't) around the time I was 6 years old, a couple of my friends (I remember that they were twins! Yay me!) had some old Pokemon cards (by "old" I don't mean they were actually old, I mean old-styled). They pitied me for not having any (even though I didn't really want any anyways :P) and gave me a Spearow. And for about 4 more years I just collected them, then decided to buy Ruby. So TCG started it all.

I think that the one named Blake offered to trade that Spearow for a Weedle. I'm glad I didn't :3

A link to the card, in case you wanted one


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The games. My sister and brother were kinda into them back when they were huge, neither one of them still play, and they got me hooked on it from age four-ish.

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The video games, which I discovered about age 6 or 7 through friends who played them. (And by "friends" I mean two guys about twice my age I hung around with because nobody else liked me/would put up with me xD)
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What got me started was the anime. My brother was flipping through the channels and called my sister and I, saying "Hey guys! Come quick! A really cool show is on!" If I remember correctly, it was the first or second episode. Either way, I've been hooked since I was, like, four.

(Actually, I shouldn't say that. My liking to Pokémon has wavered over the years, but still... you get what I mean.)


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I feel so old D:

I got into it as a freshman in high school, but the process was slow. When Pokemon first came to America, Nintendo Power used to have these Pokemon booklets with every issue. The booklets had walkthroughs and a comic based on the anime (with screenshots from the anime, no original content or anything). I really liked reading these walkthroughs for some reason, and I was really drawn to the pocket monsters themselves. I was a casual fan of the anime for awhile, and my first game was Yellow because it was recommended for people who liked the show.



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The TCG was a big thing for a while at my school, and I asked one of my Pokemon-loving mates for a card, and I got a Lotad and something else. That started it all off.


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I started when I was about six with the TCG (just trading; I have never done a battle). A little while later, my family got Pokémon Stadium for the Nintendo 64, and I didn't expand beyond that for a while. Considerably after GSC came out, I found out that Pokémon GameBoy games existed, and got Blue version. So, TCG first.


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Yellow. My cousins got me to play it, I asked for it for Christmas, and the rest is history.


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I saw the Tentacool and Tentacruel episode shortly after the series started airing. I asked for Blue and a GBC shortly afterward.

I was vaguely involved in Pokemon fandom by the time Revelation Lugia came out in Japan. :3

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At age 10, my friend and I started doing the TCG. We thought it was pretty cool, and I beat him every battle we waged. I thought the game would be awesome too, as Diamond and Pearl had just come out. I went and got Diamond, and loved it. I convinced my friend to go get Pokemon, and he eventually did. We were sorta opposites in how we played, though. He got Pearl and started with Turtwig, while I started with Chimchar. We began to also watch the anime and went completely POKRAZY!!!!!! He played mostly to train, I played mostly to collect. My main and rivals were Michael and Hayden (Michael is me, Hayden is my friend's name), his were Palkia and Dialga (he favored Palkia and Pearl, I favored Dialga and Diamond). It was just like the classic Pokemnon game, how you and your rival are opposites... Anyway, it was all sad when my parents divorced and I moved. I don't much like the new school, the kids, or the teachers. More stalkers, less intelligent people...

Well, for everyone's sake, I'll stop rambling now.


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Anime/Video Games.

I started watching the anime when I was real little, and absolutely loved it. (It was the 1st Season) I got VHS tapes from the library and watched them for hours. That was how I first heard of Pokemon and got into it.
The real obsession started was when I got my first Pokemon game, Sapphire. I played it non stop and loved that too. Then came Ruby, FR/LG...so on and so forth. My obsession grew, and soon I was a PokeManiac (Yes, like those trainers in the games). Now, not so much obsession, but still enjoy it.


Murderer of Words
I originally watched my cousin play the games, and I really don't know what got me so interested. Most people seem to "outgrow" Pokemon, but not me. When I was younger and I saw the show, I only really liked the well done more strategic battle episodes (it's still like that for me now). As for the TCG, I collected the cards for a time mostly for the artwork, not for the game itself.


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I'm not exactly sure. It might of been the cards, or it might of been the anime. I don't think it was the anime, though.


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most likely the anime, but my memory may be serving me wrong. i know used to watch the show royally, but a friend of mine got me into the game when he showed me the missingno glitch. after that i begged my parents for a game boy color and pokemon blue. although i got yellow instead so i never managed to exploit missingno until i "borrowed" my best friends blue version. xD


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I got to pokemon originally from the things on the backs of lunchables back when it came to America.


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I got to pokemon originally from the things on the backs of lunchables back when it came to America.
Oh my god I totally remember those! I still have one of those cut out things in my room somewhere. I remember particularly cutting out a Rattata and bringing it to school and using it in our ongoing debate on how to pronounce its name. It didn't really help either case though.