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What originally drew you into Pokemon?

What was the first Pokemon production you bought/ wached?

  • Video Games

    Votes: 36 33.3%
  • Anime

    Votes: 32 29.6%
  • TCG

    Votes: 18 16.7%
  • Don't remember

    Votes: 8 7.4%
  • Other

    Votes: 14 13.0%

  • Total voters


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I was at my caregiver's house and a kid there had a Pikachu toy and I asked him what it was. Got Yellow and here I am now.

Storm Earth and Fire

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I actually have that same eevee plushie, and a whole lot more, too. The neck fur is all matted from being stuck in a plastic bag and staticized, though.
The neck fur on mine is all matted from... normal wear, I suppose.

One corner of her mouth is starting to rub off, though I don't think it'll dissapear anytime soon.


if the nineth lion ate the sun.
My brother got Blue for his... birthday? I think. I stole it off him and played it because I don't think he could actually read yet. I was so damn awesome.

Then we watched the anime and had about a million cards. Which I still have! I had the Island set thingy and everything.


A (not too good) spriter
1. Well, I first saw pokemon through the anime. It was great, according to my opinion
2. Then I collected their collectibles and started to like them
3. I started to collect cards, but back then I don't really know the rules. So I played randomly
4. I played the games. Seeing how fun it was, I started to memorize and research about pokemon, their evolutions, type weaknesses and resistance
5. I started to look at pokemon websites, and started to join their forums

Wait! That's my history! :o Yes, that's it

Kali the Flygon

Devourer of Sandshrews
One of my friends showed us his Pokemon Red game. Another friend invited me to watch the anime. I don't remember which came first.. this was well over a decade ago.

After that, though, I was hooked...

Notoriously Unknown

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I think it was all my cousens fault. She left her game boy color at our house once after having slept over and I picked it up and started playing. I couldn't read a word of text, but I loved all of the little creatures. I asked my mom what it was, bought a blue version of my own to play with mom and here I am today.


is NOT edible. Unless you're a vampire.
I remember when I was about two or three and I was watching television. Then...a Pokémon commercial came up! Apparently the first episode would be airing in a short while, so I sat and waited - and watched! And I loved it!
Eventually, my mom's best friend bought her son, my brother and I our own Gamboy Colors for Christmas. Her son got Blue, my brother got Red, and I got Yellow, because I loved Pikachu~


Active member
I was at my friend's house and we switched on the TV to find the anime on
We thought it was awesome
And then our other friend got Yellow

Ivy Newton

I think it was the TCG. Sorta. I had these extremely random happy-meal-esque Pokemon TCG cards. Either that or this little Pokemon coloring book. Though the first time I really obsessed over Pokemon was when I got Gold.


The Mewtwo-loving Espeon!
I got into the fandom VERY late. What made me love Pokémon was Pearl. I started out with a Piplup and loved Pokémon since then.


The TCG, right after they came out. :D a kid in my 3rd grade class gave me a BITCHIN NIDORAN M card and I still have it. :> I was hooked from then on.


Among the few morons with straight A's.
To be honest, I don't really remember why, but one of my oldest memories is watching Pokémon as a baby. So I had to answer "other". It's like I was born loving Pokémon. :D

see ya

Heard about it from a cousin. I guess I technically started with the anime, seeing as my first real exposure to the story was that little demo-advertising tape they sent out (which I still own, BTW. :D). I asked for the game for Christmas and got it, and promptly fell in love, a love that continues to this day as I feverishly await the day I can afford Platinum.

I guess the attitude that got me into it was my love of animals, adventure and mysterious things. No one can deny that back with the original 150, there was an air of mystery surrounding the series, in my opinion, perfectly captured by the anime episode "Mystery at the Lighthouse" and how Mew was completely unavailable for a long time.


Super Moderator
It was all the rage when I was in kindergarten. All the kids were talking about it and I asked my parents about it, and they got Red and Blue and a clear purple Gameboy Color for my birthday that year. Then I got some VHS tapes of the anime, my aunt got me a Machamp-themed deck of cards... I just never really quit after that.

And Skymin, "Mystery at the Lighthouse" is still my favorite episode. I never saw it again after the first time I watched it, but it left an impression on me. How'd that Dragonite get so huge!? I was disappointed when I got that Pokemon Handbook(I still have it, it's all bent and taped everywhere-I remember writing my name in it on my tenth birthday when I was a "legal" trainer) and found out Dragonite was only a couple feet taller than my dad.


Among the few morons with straight A's.
Hmm, a lot of people seem to be affected by the "Mystery at the Lighthouse" episode. (To be honest, that's the episode I remember watching!) Anyways, I'd always considered myself the "Unofficial Youngest Pokémon Master", too. (Even after my tenth birthday. xD) I can't imagine life without Pokémon because I've loved it so long... The majority of my "wishing star wishes" were to wish that Pokémon were real. Sadly, I now know it can't happen, but I just pretend they're invisible and that I have an Eevee.


You are now imagining the RBY Elite 4 theme.
One of my best friends at school loved Pokemon, and she made me an origami Jigglypuff, so I guess that's the first thing I participated in. >D

Aside from that, I watched 'All Aboard The S.S. Anne' without knowing that it was Pokemon. Since I had internet back in 1997, when my friend started talking about it, the first thing I did was go on pokemon.com and read every Pokedex entry. I was hooked on that long before I saw the game or realized what the anime was. When I did find out about the Pokemon TV show, I watched the Sabrina vs. Haunter episode. I haven't looked back since.

see ya

Hmm, a lot of people seem to be affected by the "Mystery at the Lighthouse" episode.
Probably because it captured what made the anime really good in the first season. It was dark, reasonably intelligent for its standards, and really took advantage of how Pokemon were mysterious creatures at heart and that there was still lots to discover about them.

Then they milked that concept dry and started taking pokemon for granted, giving us tons and tons and TONS of filler....*grumble grumble*