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What Pokemon move would you learn in real life?


Is not made of turtle meat
I'd probably have Agility, since it would be cool to move at high speeds.

Or, Pay Day, since who doesn't like free money?


Ben Wade's Assistant Coach
Camouflage/Double Team would be useful together for theft and such - make a copy of me to chill in my room, turn invisible, break into somewhere, steal shit. And I could use it for other shit too, the "other shit" totally not involving being a major creeper.

Pay Day for money, but that's such a generic answer... Transform could be interesting. Sing would be nice. I'm not sure.


Oh, Reflux, you're so big and strong!
Growth Growth Eruption

I'd love to have Pay Day, but that's been done to death by basically everyone.

But Attract. OH GOD ATTRACT. Think of the possibilities. In fact, don't. You'll be thinking for a while - the possibilities are, my friend, endless.

Storm Earth and Fire

Would you like to make a contract?
Not going to lie, Doom Desire would be pretty cool.

Rain Dance and Sunny Day. Two things I like, the rain and hot days. If I do this right, I could create a sun shower. Or otherwise make it rain while it's really hot.

The Street Fighter fan in me compels me to pick Sky Uppercut and Blaze Kick.

So... practical moveset for me:
- Mind Reader: Others have explained how it's self-explanatory.
- Gravity: Probably suicidal, but you never know.
- Blaze Kick: All things aside, I think this is a pretty badass move.
- Leaf Storm: This is also a cool move in my eyes.


Happy 15th, Pokemon!
-Attract...finally gonna get a girl.
-Mind Reader...yes, I heard what you said about me.
-Protect...Yes, I did just win dodgeball. And yes, I cheated.
-Charge...No more buying chargers.
-Metronome/Assist...good until it backfires.
-Psychic...Don't worry, I'll release you when you're done freakishly floating in midair and when I finish being amused.

Yeah, in case you haven't noticed, I'm pretty defensive.


I am the master of cakes
I would probably learn...

Confuse-Ray: It's amusing to confuse people ^^
Revenge: Ahh...why not?
Hypnosis: When you bore me...this will happen.
Blaze Kick: If I kick you in the ass, it'll burn.
Magnitude: Meh, I don't like playing fair.
Swagger: This, should explain itself.
Crunch: I already bite, just kick it up a notch.
Blizzard: I prefer the cold times.
Thunderbolt: What? Are you shocked?
Powder Snow: To make snowmans, why else? ^^
Double Team: I can play against myself ^^


Agaric Scribe
Hmm. For one, I'd say Metronome, but that'd be fun until I got something like Explosion and... yeah, wouldn't end well. Second guess would be Spore, and while it would be hilarious just putting everyone else around me to sleep and it'd be really practical it's probably my second choice. For my first choice I'd have to say Synthesis - I say Synthesis instead of Recover because with Synthesis as long as I have access to sunlight and water I can recover any wound I want to, and probably could regenerate broken/missing limbs as well. With Recover, I would probably be using my own body energy to restore my limb, so I much prefer Synthesis.

Some of my runners-up include Toxic (which would be awesome, but incredibly evil to ever use) and Acid Armor for melting into a puddle - except I don't know what purpose that solves. And if for nothing else, using Hail or Sandstorm in the middle of the summertime would be sure to cause some massive hilarity. :grin:


Pretty inactive
Teleport. The ability to easily travel from place to place sounds fun! :) Or Psychic, because being able to move things with my mind would be extremely awesome. Hypnosis would be nice too~

Basically any psychic move would be fun moves to learn.

Zero Moment

Vinyl Scratch
Extremespeed: To be a fast runner.
Psychic: Telekinesis :D
Fly: But only if it gives me Maximum Ride-style wings when in use.
Mimic, I guess?: Master chief, master writer, ect.


New member
Hm... I don't think I would get any attacking moves at all, I dislike fights and violence. Lesse what I could have... I guess support moves.

Maybe Helping Hand, so I could help people. That healing wave attack could be useful as well. Oh, and if I have that, Heal Bell would be nice too.

... Oh god I'm a Tabunne. D:


is not dead after all lol
I would want to learn Scratch. Just because when someone got me angry I could slap them with my claws out and be like, "BIOTCH, WHAT'D YOU JUST SAY ABOUT MY MAWMAW"


Say Hello to a very special guy...
I would go with Me First. That what way I could see what others we're going to do before they did and surprise them with it.

Professor Wesker

Fesh Pince of Blair
What I'd want to learn? Well, here's a list:

Psychic: Lift people with my mind and toss them around like rag dolls just like in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.
Thunder: To electrify my enemies with, also like The Force Unleashed (I freaking love that game).
Milk Drink: It'd be cool to have a glass of milk whenever I want... I just hope it doesn't involve me having an udder.
Thunder Wave: The equivalent of having a tazer. Thugs beware!
Scary Face: Mainly to freak out my stepbrother.
String Shot: Who doesn't want to swing around a city like Spider Man?
Rain Dance: I love rainy weather, it'd be useful here in Texas, the land of heat, heat, and more heat.
Charge: To charge my DS wherever I go.
Bounce: To jump rrrreeeeeeaaaalllll high (I hope I don't get killed by the landing).
Pay Day: Free cash!
Aurora Beam: It looks pretty. I need no other reason.
Recover: Good-bye, disgusting medicine!

Automata heart

a skirt full of scamper and a head full of vodka
attract and confusion, confusion is good cause then i can just confuse everyone so i can run away. attract because it sounds kawaii. and maybe rest. oh, and transform for cosplay and teleport for teh lulz.