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What Pokemon move would you learn in real life?


Dirty minds think alike~
I would learn whatever move involves the most bitching, as my friends say.

((my friends claim I have no heart I do not know how to smilke because I'm always frowning. EVERYWHERE.))


Judgemental people GTFO
I would know Wish.

Cuz i'm always wishing a lot in my heart that this world gets better and I want the power to heal it.


I'd also probably know some flower themed moves (like petal blizzard and petal dance) too because I also like looking after flowers.


Judgemental people GTFO
I also wanna use charm (to make people like me and not be mean to me)

And power up punch just cuz people would have that coming if they made me mad.

......please don't piss off cute little jirachu :P Thats a warning for all of ya~

I wish I was a Pokemon now...waaaaaay better than having to have meltdowns cuz i'm a 'human' in real life.......

EDIT: So my move set shall beeeee...

-Power Up Punch (yay)
-Probably Petal Blizzard for the 4th


Awwwww, so adorable~ x3;