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What Pokemon move would you learn in real life?

Anomaly 54

Used to be Cheat Master
I changed my mind

Pay Day - Why get a job when you can make it rain money?
Attack Order - Why beat people up and get in trouble if you can make others do it for you?
Draco Meteor - Coz
Teleport - Coz
Mind Reader - Coz
Fly - Coz
Surf - Coz
Metronome - YAY RANDOM (AKA Coz)
Flame Thrower - Coz
Thunder Bolt - Coz
Ice Beam - Coz
Water Pulse - Coz
Gust - Coz
Icy Wind - Coz
Leaf Blade - Coz


Not an Ace Attorney
Teleport, hands down.

Psychic if I get a second move, ThunderPunch for a third. Lastly, Mind Reader and Charge (the latter for charging my laptop, DAP, etc. on the move).
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Scout fangirl
ExtremeSpeed, Agility, Flamethrower, Rage.

A good set for showing people who's boss when you're being bullied, and also useful for getting to classes quickly. XD


Why yes, it exists
There's so many to choose from, but here's two potential movesets I'd like to have, tried and tested in-game:

Fake Out, ExtremeSpeed, Agility, Dragon Dance. It's wicked fast and terribly annoying in battles. Plus, This'd be a great way to get where I need to be quickly, and for getting the upper hand if I were to ever get in a fight.

Dark Void, Nightmare, Dark Pulse, and Psychic. My Darkrai's moveset, this is one of those "eat away slowly at your opponent's defenses" lineups with a couple of quick special sweepers in case things get gnarly, and it's really devastating. So imagine what one could do with abilities like these in the real world. Hmmm....

Other random moves that would be awesome would be:

Pay Day (Yay money~)
Charge (For laptop and phone issues)
Flash (Never need a flashlight again)
Protect or Detect
Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, or Leaf Blade ("SHUT UP" *WHOOSH*)
Surf/Dive/Waterfall (Need all three to do anything of real interest)
Or Metronome, just so I could have something random whenever I wanted.
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Invader Palkia

Dark Void, Dark Pulse... Ya there we go.
Now I'm nice'n spooky. :3

Another nice move would be softboiled, I like eggs..
I just wish it could be soft scrambled or soft over easy
Or soft bacon c:

OH OH... Frenzy Plant.

Fly for obvious reasons.


The Blood Elf
Flamethrower, definitelly! I'm a total pyro. Though fire punch'd look more awesome, as well as being more like this fire punching manga guy I really like. I already know nasty plot. *evil laugh* Some claw attack like dragon claw'd be real nice too.


How am I supposed to eat an apple!?
Trick Room: Put me in the Olympics and I'll miraculously outrun all the athletes and win me some gold medals.
Faint Attack: I'm invisible now. Yay!
Confuse Ray: C'mon now people! Stop hitting yourselves!
Endure: Bullet wound? Not to worry! I'll hang on until the hospital can fix me up. ^^


Rest: because I'm lazy
Yawn: See above
Sleep Talk: So I can make it seem like im awake
Slam: so I could crush people who woke me up


New member
Hm...I'd like to learn Metal Claw or Shadow Claw. It'd be cool to lash at someone with elongated nails of kickustheassus =3

Black Yoshi

Extreme speed, all the way. I could use it pretty practically, getting to classes and stuff, and if I got in a fight, NOBODY COULD TOUCH ME! Bwahaha!

Or Aura Sphere. I would totally abuse the power and show off.


↞Can you hear me whispering?↠
Psychic: So I can move stuff with my mind and be all mentally awesome x]
Mind Reader: Obvious reasons
Earthquake: For those moments when I really need to blow off steam ;)

but the one I want the most....

Fly: So I can just get away from it all.


New member
I have two movesets

Fighting Moveset(for fights that Im in)

Mind Reader
Sheer Cold

Other Moveset (for other stuff like flying)

Extreme Speed
Fire Fang


New member
I'm often pretty frustrated about the limit of moves. But well, let's see:

  • Flamethrower
  • Focus Blast
  • Dragon Pulse
  • Agility

Lord Shyguy

I want the ULTIMATE sausage sandwich.
Psychic, ExtremeSpeed/Teleport, Fly, and Surf, all for obvious reasons. Flamethrower would be cool, and Knock Off would let me knock stuff out of people's hands all the time. :D

Chief Zackrai

pingpong wixard
Earthquake, Stone Edge, X-Scissor, and Stone Edge did I say that twice? I meant Stealth Rock.

Or, alternatively:
Trick Room
Drain Punch
Psycho Cut

hoorah changes