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What's ironic or surprising in your Pokemon game?

Not Meowth

Cat, are you drilling?
I just fought a Swimmer on HG who said "I love bikinis! If I had an electric bikini I could wear it even in winter!"

For a moment I thought she said "even in water". o.o


Crystal is awesome. Period.
I was trying to catch Heatran, then wasted all of my Ultra and Dusk balls. So I screamed, "GO TO HELL!" Then threw a Poke Ball randomly.

I think it's obvious what happened.


so I'm sitting in my debate class playing HeartGold when Raikou appears.

I'm not quite sure what to do about it so I throw a Fast Ball at it just for the hell of it.

wobble-wobble-wobble-click-"what the fuck it actually caught it?"

so I started jokingly wondering what would happen if I found a shiny while sitting in debate class

less than five minutes later

a fucking shiny Gligar.

best irony ever.

Not Meowth

Cat, are you drilling?
My Alakazam is from a different OT. It gets more EXP than my other traded/migrated Pokémon when holding an EXP Share while they knock out a target. o.ó


rage against the dying of the light
I just noticed this:
Also, I was ranting to a friend about the only shiny I ever caught being a bibarel. Mid-rant, I find a shiny bidoof.


Somewhat of an "expert" on spriting.
I was surprised at the shininess of the Rage Gyarados, but indeed was before I realized it was always a shiny. But we all get that sometime.


Crystal is awesome. Period.
I found a Ditto, fwee. :3

It transformed into my Poliwag, then fainted.

...What the hell?? (Even ask Esmer, she saw it)


Crystal is awesome. Period.
Was it because your Soul Silver is preowned...? I wonder.

You know what pre-owners can do to their games...
No, pre-order reeeeeeeally early. I thought I told you that...?

Then again, earlier versions have more glitches... *ponders*

Eh, forget it, minor detail. I hope this doesn't happen with a Pikachu...