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What's ironic or surprising in your Pokemon game?

If you EV train a level 99 and raise it to level 100 it can go up over 60 in two different stats.

Cool. Except my Lucario grew to Lv. 64, not 100.

Another surprising thing is that whenever I catch a Pokémon and name it after a Naruto character, it always seems to have the right nature to fit it.
I was randomly killing things with my Rayquaza in Ruby when it's attack went up by 10. I was in total shock for quite a while.

The girl dressed up as a Pikachu in D/P always make me laugh.
She does. :D

Got a LeafGreen game. Bulbasaur's a girl. Luck.

Start again. Guess what gender Squirtle is?

A girl.

What the heck?
In pokemon colosseum, I caught the Entei with a pokeball. At full health!
And another time in Ruby, I came across a shiny Swablu, but I had no pokeballs ;_;
Hrm. Lessee.

In Diamond...

-Underestimated the power of Larvitar while training him with exp. share in the elite four. Party died, forgot to bring potions, he was level 54 and Roserade had half health left. I don't remember what move I used, but it killed it in one hit. He became a Tyranitar soon after.

-Any opposing typed pokemon makes me giggle. Bug/Flying, Dark/Ice, etc.

-Not in my game: Boyfriend caught Azelf with a quick ball, first encounter, first try. I have yet to capture mine.

-Surprising and Annoying: No PC item storage!?!

-Despite reports of find rates being near 0, the first two pokemon I got from the honey trees were Munchlax and Heracross.
When I accidentially gave my Floatzel a Keplsy berry at level 75-ish, I freaked. So I EV trained it for attack, and it, no kidding, had a +35 attack bonus.

Also, in Pokémon XD, to bide time for timer balls to catch Lugia, I threw Pokéballs at it... and CAUGHT it.

About 3 months ago, I was chaining like a maniac, and being quite the braggart about it. My sister was getting kind of sad... untill she was EV training and ran into a shiny Golbat, complete with a suprisingly good Naive nature!
That I cant migrate at all anymore....Whenever I put the GBA game in the slot and play Diamond,the save file gets deleted.....
Your GBA game is most likely a fake. That happened to me with a LeafGreen I got on eBay. Is the cartridge casing grey, or coloured like Pokémon cartridges usually are?
Your GBA game is most likely a fake. That happened to me with a LeafGreen I got on eBay. Is the cartridge casing grey, or coloured like Pokémon cartridges usually are?
True - I had an Emerald that did that as well, turned out not to be legit (unsurprisingly).

What's surprising about my game? Well once a friend asked me to play his game, and turned out i was his Rival... fighting myself as a coffee-obsessed hyperactive person was odd and strangely amusing. Meh, only thing I can think of at the moment.
...All my cartridges are the right color, LeafGreen was bought at Wal-Mart or K-Mart, FireRed, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald were all Christmas gifts off of eBay, D/P games were pre-ordered.
And they stopped migrating after I put infinate Master, Cherish, and Dive ball cheat on my game.
@Mewtwo: Cheating/hacking can and will cause glitches. Of course they stopped migrating.

They CAN cause glitches. Doesn't mean that they WILL!

>.< I HATE it when people assume that cheating will destroy a game and anything it comes in contact with

>.> I have used a TON of cheats without repercussions. One just needs to be careful and make sure not to save if they aren't sure of the cheat

That said, yeah, using three ball cheats at once is bound to cause problems (if they were all slot one cheats, that is, and they usually are). It is like trying to use a Suicune encounter cheat at the same time as a Magikarp encounter cheat. You cannot predict the results accurately, and will likely fuck up something

<.< Try asking around. I am SURE somebody has come up with a code that can fix that
Forgot something:

My sister found this cheat that allows you to infinitely use any pokeball on Colloseum. I was skeptical, so we tried using an Ultra Ball on the Shadow Miltank we were fighting. At full health.

Not only did the cheat work...we caught it. ^^
Any GBA game!I've deleted Leafgreen,Firered,and Emerald!I still have to expirament on ruby,and somethings horribly wrong with Saphire.I'll get some pictures to show you whats wrong,but it wont save.Whenever I try,it'll say it's unable to save!before that,it deleted files randomly...I wonder if the internal battery is dead?

Removes gameboy game immeadeatly.O-O

I captured a larvitar in Diamond and the next day i recruit one in dungeon.
I captured a gibble, in Diamond, and the next day i recruit one in dungeon.
I captured a Buizel, in Diamond, and the next day i recruit one in dungeon.
This has happened about twelve times now, I wonder if it has anything to do with the two games being connected somehow, but if it does i can't figure out how. (I used switch between games back and forth sometimes, but the Diamond/Dungeon thing freaked me out so i don't anymore.)
Okay, so I had evolved my Snubbull, Tiara (what was I thinking?) intoi a Granbull, and went to train Ash the Cyndaquil. While moving around my Exp. Shares, I discovered Selena the Smoochum came with an Aspear Berry. Nice.

Then Hayley from the Ranch was all, "Get me a Goldeen!" So I caught her one.

Then she was like, Get me a Chatot!" o I got her one, and named her Fuga.

Fuga had a Metronome on her. o.o
Well, I've experimented with Ruby... Let's just say my sister punched me because I lost her Lv 18 Torchic XD

but Leafgreen doesn't delete anymores! I discovered that when I accidentally left it in. One of the choices was, "Migrate from Leafgreen". Seriously!
I have a togepi named Furher and torchic named Mussolini on my Ruby that I just found today. XP I'm so silly.
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