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Your Favorite Animal?


Back in action!
Yay for wolves! I agree with Animorph. Their howl is just beautiful.
Also the way they hunt, and live in groups, and are social... wolves are nice. <3
Cats come in second. ^^


New member
My favorite animal would have to be a Peregrine falcon because they are birds of prey and they are trainable. I really want one!!


Used to be Girapvisu
Cats because they are brilliant pets They are alway doing something stange (my cat does) and sleeping. Understandably cat pokemon are among my favorite.


New member
I'm not entirely sure what my favourite would be. There seem to be various animals I like maybe because of the way they look or the common way they act.

I suppose I like Cats quite a lot, mainly domestic but I find the Lynx to be quite majestic. Cows I find also have that strangely bold air about them even if it may appear as simplicity at times. But I guess one animal I've always found fascinating was the Tapeworm.

I used to have quite an interest in parasites a while back (especially endo-parasites) and just the thought of having this, almost alien looking being thriving and growing inside you, it's rather creepy.

Mind you, I don't think I'd really want to be any animal if I had the choice. I'm pretty content being human.


Lalala, lalala~
I like river otters. Haven't seen one in the wild yet, but they're fun to watch twirling around in the aquariums. Plus, they just look cute to me.

I also like various birds.
My ten favorite animals that happen to be extinct are (in no specific order)

Tyrannosaurus Rex
Saber-Toothed Cat
Giant Ground Sloth
Woolly Mammoth


oh hey I forgot about this thing
Axolotls. They're just so weird and adorable <3
Bats are also awesome. I've loved bats since I read the Silverwing books. I have a little colony of plushies too.
I also like cats, foxes, wolves and lizards. And snails are funny.

S. E.

I'm a crow, don't'cha know?
Foxes, cats, oh, and gerbils? All are awesome, but foxes are my favorite. Then cats, because they make awesome friends, and then Gerbils. How could you not love them?


Always look on the bright side of life!
Hard to say, for someone like me.

I've got
- 3 tortoises
- over 100 fish (2 pufferfish!)
- 4 rabbits
- 4 guinea pigs
- a parrot
- 9 (yes, 9) cats
- 3 dogs
- and finally, a snake named Wes. XD

I like pufferfish though.