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  • Yeah, which is kind of ironic because all the walking dictionaries and walking encyclopedias type that way. |D
    Yeah, that looks better on its own.
    And it's surprising how different people's writing looks when writing lazily and writing properly. XD I've tried to do it before but I just couldn't bear it for more than about half an hour.
    Well, it seemed like you were just trying to fit in with the crowd. :/ Seeing as that's what most of them do.

    Oh and square brackets are /so/ last season.
    Yeah, but it means count as in to make a calculation. Which wouldn't make sense in Japanese - not that 'post count' actually makes that much in English, but it's more likely to be 数 which just means number. Or just 'post count' or 'post' in katakana or something.

    ...yeah. XD I was bored.
    Anyway yaaaay you are too cool to type like cool people.
    Ah, right. I wondered.
    ;_; Why are you typing like the 'in' crowd? You lose 50 respect points. :|

    By the way, what does the last kanji mean in your signature? It looks like keisen; calculation, but shouldn't it be 数? D:
    Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei is awesome! I haven't watched much of it at all, but I still think it is awesome nonetheless.

    How is your Japanese study going, by the way? o.o
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