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Grass King
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  • Hey, I'm going around to all of the people in our tag team match to ask for a draw seeing our battle died with the reff. I doubt it'll be revived if we call for an e-reff. We can try this again with a different reff some time okies?

    And I think my partner has become innactive as of May. -.-
    Grass King? Pssh. :P

    (Not really trying to start something, just saw your username and *HAD* to say something. XD)
    Hey you know what we were talking about....(shh shh) i was thinking it could be a permanent change OR a temporary change...(like 1 or 2 battles). Good? PM me :3
    Haha.. Nah. I made the same mistake, but went to confirm with KQ. Bit of a strange phrasing, but she notes -

    "aw, tanku. 3 vs. 3 meaning how many pokemon each person uses, single meaning ow many pokemon of the triner is out at a time and the trainers are paired up into teams. anything else? ^^"

    So essentially, it's a team double battle.
    Hey there..
    Don't mean to be naggy or anything, but is there anything else wrong with the ASB match I'm reffing? o.o I fixed up your team as you mentioned, but you're up for choosing a 'Poke before KQ and MP can. ^^;
    Oh no! That's fine. I just wasn't sure if you forgot, that's all. No need to rush. I'll just delete my e-ref post.
    Umm...I don't want to be mean, but it's been over two weeks, and you haven't reffed my battle with JolteonShock. Not sure if you forgot, in which case, that's fine. Not trying to be impatient. Just tell me if you need time to do it...
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