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Kali the Flygon

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  • Since the Idea Center got locked, I come here to say I support the idea of a HTTYD RP :D

    Your avatar is endearing to the n-th power. I wish to hug it. But the screen keeps getting in the way.

    WHY SCREEN, WHY? >:-(
    I'll post soon. And last time I checked, the battle calmed down, River and Darksong met, and Mewtwo and I met. NightDaemon was earlier dragged away, and Mewtwo and I are forming a search team to find him. So you can enter wherever.
    Yep! Unfortunately, my dad told me to go back to sleep, but I'm staying up. PM me when I'm online if you want me to go on. Not planning on using Yahoo! with a webcam and mic, but I'm planning on buying them. And I think I can get the downloaded version, considering this is my laptop, and not my grandma's!
    Small world, isn't it? I've known some people here living on the eastern shore, though never from the same state.
    He's just heard about them, though he hasn't really been there. I actually had a whole reason why he knows about Hoenn, since he once had a trainer from that region... But that shall be explained later.
    I had a hard time catching up. Even though I had short posts, I kept getting Postninja'd. And that Pachirsu is a personal NPC. I can bring it back right now, if you'd like.
    Hey Kali, if you don't remember, you signed up for Pokemon Chronicles 1: Unite. It might be a good time to make your post.
    Well, I'm hanging around the community =3 That much I have time to do, just full-out roleplaying I'm a bit restricted on seeing you kind of have to post consistently xD That's why I'm probably mainly just going to try ASB for a bit, seeing there's usually a decent time limit to get a single post in.

    I'll probably be roleplaying a bit more once I finish my Pokemon roleplaying site/forum and my summer work for school though =3
    Ah! Looks interesting =3 I'll try to join once I get a bit more time. I'm afraid if I jumped in now I may end up going a while without replying lD;
    Eh, you could play as it (can't believe I already forgot its gender) if you want to, and otherwise the second option is perfectly fine. I actually named Apollo after someone else's Manectric character, too.
    Yeah, I guess that I just decided to have a Flygon and thought of you, because you are famous among Flygons.

    Oh, and thanks for wishing me a happy birthday :3
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