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Kali the Flygon

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  • I've been in Maryland for most of my life.

    You might be meaning to talk to surskitty; she's Scottish.
    Yeah, the bugs were definitely awesome this generation. And we even got a bug type legendary. :D Also, adorable Joltik. I've become hopelessly obsessed with the little critter thanks to the new layout.
    oh, whoops. :P

    Yeah, I've been gone (actually away from home) and like just got back a few days ago. I'll go check it out.
    Scolipede is indeed awesome! Its probably my favourite of the fifth gen. Glad to see it has some fans.
    I like it. Maybe Karactacus Shows me new places to explore, and you're the one who shows Karactacus these places. Or mayhaps you are Karactacus, or a part of him/her (I haven't decided yet, the gender. I'm thinking girl).

    Perhaps you are "my" pokemon, as I don't actually own you, but the only thing that makes it not so is you're not in a pokeball. Like, we're good friends and all, but you're still wild.
    ah. sounds interesting. I'm thinking join, actually. Mostly for the "Holy Crap I found this wild Flygon :D" factor. But maybe you'll replace. Convince me.
    Would you have to tell me about his special pokemon in confidence, or is it something everyone can know about.
    That's good. And I'm so sorry that I haven't been active! Finals are next week, so I've been studying a lot. I'll be sure to catch up once finals are over. I'm just a tad bit confused about the plot, however. Help would be greatly appreciated.
    Well, she can but not very well... I don't think she could make it to the top of the bakery all on her own.
    With the smoke? Yeah. I wonder what Doctor Whoof actually has planned with that...
    Oh no, I don't mind at all ^^ (Who knows, muffins could be vital to beating the smoke thingy :o)
    I hadn't even noticed D: Sorry, it's approved now. Thank's for keeping me posted >w<
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