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  • Interesting XD The desion reminds me of picts i've seen of the troll characters I always hear about a bit xD;
    Homestruck...thats where your avatar is from, ammirite? XD; Yeah I have friends that read that too lol^^

    PS: A Very Merry Un-Birthday to You XD Its your Un-Birthday today XD Alice and Wonderland tells me so!!! :D XD (sorry...i got a kick outta that un-birthday thing heehee x3; XD)
    I think we should be friends so I sent you a friend request ^_^ You shouldn't have just one friend count on me to join the team now as well ^_^

    Whats some of your favorite lovecraft stories, by the way?...its been awile since i read him XD

    I remember the Hello Cthulhu webcomic, though. Cthulhu meets Hello Kitty. It was hallerious XD:love::sweatdrop:
    Yeah, I know Homestuck. My current av is Gamzee. I guess it's just the fact that's it's a naked alien baby that kinda freaks me out. D: It is a good edit though.
    ...Uh....My user name isn't ArachnidsGrip. It's Atem's Girlfriend, a Yu-Gi-Oh reference. I used to read Homestuck, but it just got too complicated for me.
    I dunno. I've just always said things like that.

    ...Or maybe I got it from Hyperbole and a Half. (Clean ALL the things!) That might not make sense though, my brain just connects strange things.
    I Must Inform You That Today Is The Anniversary Of Your Hatching, And Therefore I Am Obliged To Wish You A Happy Wriggling Day.
    Oh, when you answer me on VM, you're answering on your profile, so I'm not getting any notifications when you're VMing me. Anyway, just wanted to say hi. ^v^
    Hmm. Note to self: find out why you know so many people born in January. And so close to your own birthday too.

    Seriously, two of my friends in real life were born on Jan 30th. It's actually kind of creepy.
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